Best Restaurants in India – 7 Fine Dining Eateries You Must Visit

Best Restaurants in India

India is a foodie’s dream, with a varied cuisine that differs from state to state! Yes, Indian food encompasses far more than the iconic butter chicken. According to reputable ratings, the country also has some of the best restaurants in the world. Because of the fame and reputation of Indian food, the regions with the best restaurants in India are now recognized all around the world. 

Today, India’s individuality is distinct; it appears to be a destination where the variety of restaurants is incredible and overwhelming. There are many of the best restaurants in India offering ethnic Indian food to relish in New Delhi to Goa to Mumbai and Chennai.

It’s tough to determine the best restaurants in India because each region is known for its distinctive cuisine, and this isn’t the only criteria for choosing the best restaurants. The mood, atmosphere, service, and ambiance of the establishment are also important considerations when picking the finest. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best restaurants in India, which are known for their delectable cuisine, lively atmosphere, and unique ambiance.

Masque Restaurant, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai
Best Restaurants In India

Produce is obtained entirely from within India, with a strong focus on the Himalayan belt, to help define modern Indian cuisine. The acquisition of the produce is done with great care. They strive to create recipes that make the most of the season’s flavors. It’s the quality that shines through on the plate, with no additional decorations. It’s the experience of having a tasting menu made solely of local ingredients that sets it apart.

Avartana – ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

Avartana, the most recent offering from ITC Grand Chola, is a contemporary fine restaurant with a banana leaf design motif that hasn’t been open long but is already being branded as one of the best restaurants in India. The menu, which employs ingredients and seasonal vegetables to create unique meals, took two years to develop. This Indian restaurant menu consists of beautiful preparations. A flavor-packed rasam infused in front of the guests in a French press with coriander and cherry tomatoes to soak up the freshness of the herbs, a simple fish fry that transforms into a dish of sea bass cubes marinated with ginger, garlic, and Salem chili, and unique desserts that will blow your mind are just a few of their signature dishes.

Varq, Taj Mahal, New Delhi

Varq, another one of the best restaurants in India, is a modern Indian gourmet dining experience delivering authenticity of flavor and aesthetic presentation and was one of the first to perfect the concept of pre-plated Indian cuisine. With esthetically pleasing dishes, palate-pleasing delights, and the fragrances of Indian spices, the menu promises to set a new standard for modern Indian cuisine.

Pillars, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur
Best Restaurants In India

Pillars is unapologetically old school, and it seems like it belongs in another age. This beautiful open-air restaurant boasts breathtaking views of Jodhpur, the Baradari grounds, and the majestic Mehrangarh Fort. The dial here is set to classic, colonial grandeur, from the cane furnishings to the waiters in white uniforms with crimson turbans and kamarbandha. Golden vintage staples like chicken a la Kiev, braised lamb ossobuco, chermoula tofu steak, and handmade tortellini with saffron beurre blanc are part of this Indian restaurant menu signature dishes. Taj specialties include cobb salad from the Taj Pierre Hotel in New York and fish and chips from the Taj St. James.

Spice Studio, Goa

One of the best restaurants in India, their hallmark is home-style traditional food with Indian spices. Winners from across the country are on display at this open-air restaurant. Fresh prawns kismur, prawns tossed in coconut and onions, aamsol curry, button mushrooms cooked with onions and tomatoes, and alsande, a rich, orange-colored coconut gravy, are some of the distinctive dishes of this Indian restaurant menu. Boneless lamb cubes slow-cooked with pickled spices and red chili pickles are a must-try among North Indian culinary specialties. Finish with traditional Goan cookies or ginger and chai flavoured crème brûlée.

Sonargaon – Taj Bengal, Kolkata

Sonargoan is Bengali for “golden village,” and the ethnic environment is undoubtedly one of the reasons for its popularity. One of the best restaurants in India, their cuisine is supported by a dedication to authenticity and flavor. The kakori kebabs are a wonderful blend of soft lamb mince and lamb fat, accentuated with a blend of hand-picked roasted spices and seasonings, skewered and slow-cooked in a lava stone heated open oven, just as God intended. Simmered overnight, drenched in butter, and sharpened with tomato paste, red chilies, and kasoori methi, the velvety dal makhani is just as wonderful.

Both go perfectly with gilafi kulcha, which is composed of two doughs that are flattened and cooked in a slow-flame tandoor. The zamindari thali, a classic traditional mix of a complete meal experience picked from Bengali zamindar gharanas in and around Kolkata, is the centerpiece of the Bengali line-up. Classics like mishti doi and gobindo chaler payesh are well-executed desserts.

Wasabi by Morimoto – Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
Best Restaurants In India

The only Indian restaurant on San Pellegrino’s famous Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in India list for 2016,it flies in authentic Japanese ingredients and seafood every five days. Fuusen tofu, sashimi uni, negitoro-maki, sushi hamachi, and sushi chutoro are just a few of the exquisite delicacies on the menu. The main dish of black cod in miso strikes all the right notes, with a pungency from the sake-miso sauce, smokiness from kuromame black beans, and crunch from pickled peppers. Don’t forget to save room for dessert. Fresh caramel Kurogoma millefeuille, Tochigi strawberries, and Hokkaido chocolate ice cream are just too delectable to pass up!

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