Best Sweets in India – 13 Delectable Treats

Sweets in India

Indians have a reputation for having a sweet tooth. Sweets in India are the most significant aspect of every celebration, from significant events to festivals. This is one of the reasons why there are a huge variety of sweets in India that are popular all over the world. 

Sweets are referred to as mithai in India, which is derived from the word ‘mitha’, which means sweet. There are many different types of Indian sweets, each of which is typically a variation of the original recipe.

Some families continue to prepare such delicacies at home, particularly if they have elders in the family who know how to do so. However, the majority of people buy them as take-out from restaurants or order them as gifts for special occasions such as weddings. 

Have you ever wondered what all those different types of sweets are when passing by an Indian sweet shop? What are the ingredients or what are the easy Indian sweets and how are they made? Then this article is for you.

Take a look at the 13 most popular sweets in India and how they are made.


Rasgullas are one of the easy Indian sweets to make. soft, spongy cottage cheese balls drenched in cold sugar syrup that melt in your mouth! One of the iconic sweets in India, rasgulla is mainly found in WestBengal. 

Ras Malai
Sweets In India

Ras malai is a traditional Indian sweet made with white cream, sugar, milk, and chhena, a paneer cheese flavored with cardamom. The dessert’s name is derived from the Hindi terms ‘ras’, which means juice, and ‘malai’, which means cream. In its preparation almonds, cashews, and saffron are frequently included to enhance the flavor. Ras malai can be termed as cheesecake without a crust that hails from West Bengal. It’s usually served cold, with cardamom seeds or dried cardamom on top.


Malpua, one of the most famous sweets in India, is a pancake-like delicacy that’s predominantly found in Odisha, India. The batter is often made using flour and semolina, however, it varies by area. Cardamom is usually used to enhance the flavor of the sweet. Malpua is deep-fried and then coated in a sweet syrup and topped with rabri, a sweet condensed milk.

Gulab Jamun

Dumplings usually made of thickened or condensed milk are soaked in rose-flavored sugar syrup in this delectable treat. Gulab, which means rose (for the rose-scented syrup), and jamun, which is a rich purple colored Indian berry, are the two terms that give it its name (the cooked dumplings are dark brown). Gulab jamun can be served warm or at room temperature, alone or with ice cream!

Kaju barfi
Sweets In India

Kaju barfi is a fudge-like Indian sweet made with cashews. It is generally formed like a diamond and is one of the country’s most costly desserts. As a result, it is regarded as one of the most valuable sweets in India which are presented at festivals and special events. 


Jalebi is a popular sweet treat in India and one of the easy Indian sweets to make. It’s a hoop-shaped dessert produced by deep-frying flour and then soaking it in a sweet syrup. Iran and Turkey both have their variants of jalebi. This simple dessert recipe may be found in several old Indian cookbooks dating back to the 15th century. The best way to enjoy jalebis is to eat them when they’re still warm. 


Modak is a sweet Indian dumpling that is thought to have originated in Maharashtra. It is a dessert that may be served in a variety of ways and is known by many different names throughout India. It’s also known as mothagam or kozhukattai in Tamil, modhaka or kadubu in Kannada, or kudumu in Telugu, depending on the location.


Barfi, which is similar to fudge, is one of the greatest sweets in India. It’s made with a foundation of condensed milk solids (khoa or khoya), granulated sugar, and ghee, with nuts like pistachios, cashews, and peanuts being the most typical additions. Some regional variants, however, include fruits, saffron, rose water, gram flour, or almonds. 

Mysore Pak
Sweets In India

In South India, mysore pak is quite famous. This sweet dish is claimed to have originated at the Mysore Palace during Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV’s reign as the 24th king of the Kingdom of Mysore in Karnataka in the nineteenth century. Flour, sugar, and a generous quantity of ghee go into this decadent treat.

Cham Cham

People refer to these delectable delicacies as “Pleasure Boats” and this phrase is used as a term of affection for their loved ones! This isn’t surprising, considering Cham-Chams are one of the incredibly tasty sweets in India and is a Bengali (West Bengal) delicacy. With heavy cream and all-purpose flour, this variation comes together quickly. Rosewater, saffron, and lemon or lime juice are used to flavor it.


Khaja is a classic Indian treat made of a dough prepared with wheat flour, sugar, and ghee that is deep-fried till golden and crispy. Depending on the geographical variant of the recipe, khaja is occasionally bathed in sugar syrup after preparation. Khajas from Silao and Rajgir are puffy on the outside and filled with sugar syrup on the inside, whereas khajas from the coastal section of Andhra Pradesh are dry on the outside and filled with sugar syrup on the inside.


Kheer, also known as payasam, is one of the most ancient sweets in India consisting of a creamy rice pudding that is prepared in a variety of ways across the nation. Although it may be eaten at any time of year, it is a common dish during many Indian rituals, festivals, and festivities. Kheer is produced by boiling rice, wheat, or tapioca with milk and sugar, then adding dried fruits, nuts, cardamom, and saffron to taste. 

Sweets In India
Sandesh is an Indian sweet treat made with milk and sugar that originated in the Bengal area of the Indian subcontinent. In certain Sandesh dishes, chhena or paneer (which is formed by curdling milk and isolating the whey from it) is substituted for milk.

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