Chinese Dishes – 15 Delicious Preparations

Chinese Dishes

You’re undoubtedly aware that the Chinese dishes served at your favorite takeout joint aren’t Chinese. It’s highly influenced by American and Indian culture although, admittedly, it’s tasty in its way. 

With a long culinary history having distinct characteristics, a variety of styles, and superb cookery, Chinese foods are an essential aspect of Chinese culture. Color, aroma, taste, meaning, and appearance are all celebrated in Chinese traditional cuisine. In this famous cuisine, there are hundreds of Chinese dishes. Whether by need or taste, Chinese people consume practically everything and prepare it in a variety of ways, including stir-frying, boiling, stewing, baking, steaming, and more. 

Because China is the world’s most populated country, it offers a diverse range of real food that varies greatly from area to region. That means that if you don’t know where to begin, broadening your palette to include traditional Chinese dishes might be daunting. 

The Chinese people put a lot of emphasis on the food’s visual appeal, using a variety of colors. Noodles and rice are the most common carbohydrates offered in Chinese cuisine, along with vegetables in every meal. 

Chinese dishes also employ a variety of sauces and seasonings on their staple rice preparations. Soy sauce, Oyster sauce, fish sauce, the famous five-spice powder, vinegar, fresh ginger, root garlic, along with other popular sauces and seasonings are used liberally to provide a rich and exquisite array of flavor and fragrance to the Chinese dishes. 

Chinese Dishes

Since there are so many similarities between Chinese and Japanese cuisines, many people mix them up. Chinese dishes, just like Japanese cuisine, are high in umami, which is defined as a ‘pleasant savory flavour. Many items utilized in their cuisine have an umami flavor, such as Chinese cabbage, spinach, celery, green tea, or fermented goods like soy sauce and pastes. 

However, the ingredients, cooking methods, and flavors of both these cuisines vary significantly. The following are the most important and notable differences: 

  • One of the first differences between these two styles of cuisine that a foodie may detect is that Japanese dishes have more delicate flavors than Chinese cuisine. 
  • When compared to Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine is considerably healthier and lighter on the stomach. 
  • Furthermore, Chinese foods call for a lot of grease and fatty oils during the cooking process, which increases the number of calories in each of the Chinese food dishes. 
  • Moreover, noodles and rice are also common Chinese dishes in Chinese cuisine, which contribute to the increasing consumption of carbs. Even though rice is used in the cooking of several Japanese dishes, it is used in lesser quantities than in Chinese cuisine. 

Another fascinating aspect of Chinese cuisine is that it is designed to be eaten with chopsticks, and this is a typical habit in Chinese families. For many years, the usage of a fork and knife was thought to signify aggression, but chopsticks were thought to represent gentleness and compassion. 

Here are 15 most authentic Chinese dishes that you must try for a delicious experience.

Fried Rice 
Chinese Dishes

Rice is a staple in almost every Chinese food dish. Chinese fried rice is a full-fledged dinner that can serve a whole family. Anything from protein (chicken, pork, shrimp, etc) to vegetables (carrots, string beans etc) can be used in the mix. It’s a wholesome and hearty meal option. It’s also simple and quick to cook at home. One simple tip to make the greatest fried rice is to use the leftover rice. 

Peking Duck 

Peking duck is the finest and the most delicious way to consume duck according to food experts. Crispy roasted duck slices are folded up in a wrapper with lettuce and hoisin sauce to prepare one of the most delectable Chinese dishes. 

Peking duck is seasoned, dried for 24 hours, and cooked in an open-air oven known as a hanging oven, so it’s not something you can do at home, but it’s something you should try if you go to a traditional Chinese restaurant. It’s usually cut and served in three courses: skin, the meat, and the bones in broth, with cucumbers, bean sauce, and pancakes as common side dishes. 

Stinky Tofu 

Stinky tofu is fermented tofu with a pungent stench, as the name implies. It is thought that the stronger the aroma, the better the flavor. Tofu is brined in a mixture of traditional veggies, fermented milk, meat, & other aromatics. This is then fermented for several months. This unique dish can be eaten either chilled or steaming, stewed or deep-fried along with chili and soy sauces on the side. 

Chow Mein
Chinese Dishes

Noodles, in addition to rice, are one of the staple Chinese dishes. Chow mein, like fried rice, comes in a plethora of flavors. This is a simple recipe to prepare for the entire family and is very helpful for busy parents. If you can’t locate Chinese egg noodles or chow mein noodles, you may make this beautiful Chinese with cooked spaghetti instead. 


One of the best Chinese food dishes, Congee, or rice porridge, is a filling and simple-to-digest dish (particularly for breakfast). Congees vary according to the region: Some are thick, while others are thin, and some contain grains other than rice. Meat, tofu, veggies, ginger, boiled eggs, and soy sauce, or mung beans and sugar can be used to make it savory or sweet. Congee is also considered food therapy for when you’re unwell since it’s so soothing, warm, and healthy. 

Chinese Hamburger

This is one of the best Chinese dishes which is also commonly known as ‘ròu jiā móa’. This dish is a pita-like bread stuffed with soft braised pork. It’s nothing like a hamburger, but it’s wonderful in taste and flavor. This Chinese street cuisine comes from Shaanxi in northwest China, and the meat has been around since the Qin dynasty and the meat has over 20 spices and flavors. Most people believe it is the first authentic hamburger ever made. 

Scallion Pancakes  

With small pieces of scallion and oil mixed throughout the dough, these savory pancakes are more like a wonderfully chewy flatbread. They’re sold as street food, in restaurants, and supermarkets in either fresh or frozen form. Since this is one of the Chinese food preparations that are pan-fried, it is the perfect combination of crispy edges and soft inside. 

Kung Pao Chicken
Chinese Dishes

This is, without a doubt, one of the best Chinese food dishes. It’s also one of the genuine and traditional Chinese dishes that may be found at a variety of restaurants in the country. While you’ve undoubtedly eaten the Westernized version of this spicy stir-fried chicken meal, the original treat is aromatic, hot, and a little bit mouth-numbing, due to Sichuan peppercorns. 


One of the best Chinese food dishes, dàbāo (large bun) and xiǎobāo (little bun) are the two varieties of baozi, or bao (small bun). Depending on the style and location, both are bread-like dumplings filled with everything from meat to vegetables to bean paste. They’re generally steamed and served with dipping sauces like soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, and chile pastes, which make the buns deliciously squishy and mushy. 

Mapo Tofu

You may have heard of mapo tofu or perhaps eaten it, but Westernized versions of the Sichuan tofu-beef-fermented-bean-paste meal are often less hot and spicy than the authentic form, which is loaded with chili oil and Sichuan peppercorns. It has a little bit of everything, including the strongest flavors, textural contrast, and enough traditional Chinese spices, making it one of the greatest Chinese dishes. 

Char Siu 

Char siu is a method of seasoning and cooking grilled meat (specifical pork). Because Cantonese cuisine is cooked on a skewer in an oven or over an open fire, it means “fork roasted.” The seasoning nearly always comprises honey, five-spice powder, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, and red fermented bean curd, which gives the pork loin, belly, or butt its distinctive crimson color. Char siu is undoubtedly one of the most delicious Chinese dishes that can be eaten alone, with noodles, or within baozi. Salivating yet? 

Chinese Dishes

Made with chewy, thick wheat noodles (commonly known as cumian) and topped with zha jiang sauce, a rich blend of minced pork and fermented soybean paste or a different sauce, depending on where you are in China, these “fried sauce noodles” from Shandong province are delicious. It’s available everywhere in the country, from street sellers to fine dining establishments. 

Wonton Soup 

Wontons are one of the most real and original Chinese dumplings that are loved by all. The wontons themselves are prepared with a thin, square dumpling wrapper and, depending on the area, can be filled with shrimp, pork, fish, or a mix of the three. These delicious Chinese dishes contain an accompaniment of soup. This soup is a hearty mix of pork, chicken, Chinese ham, and aromatics, with cabbage and noodles frequently mixed in with the wontons. 

Soup Dumplings   

Soup dumplings, almost similar to wontons, are dumplings with soup within. The filling is created with a stock made with pork meat that hardens as it cools due to its high collagen content. The soup is then melted by being wrapped into a delicate wrapper that is pleated into a tidy tiny package and cooked. To consume, just bite the top off and suck out the broth before swallowing the remainder. This is one of the warmest and wholesome Chinese dishes that is a crowd favorite.

Hot Pot 
Chinese Dishes

One of the best Chinese dishes is hot pot, which is a cooking method in which raw ingredients are cooked tableside in a big pot of boiling broth. It is more of an experience than a meal. Broths, meats, veggies, shellfish, noodles, and garnishes all have plenty of room for experimentation. 

The broth, in which all of the meat slices and vegetables are cooked, is the most important factor in determining whether or not a hotpot is appetizing. Normally, you get to choose from mushroom, tomato, original, and spicy broth flavors. The flavor will vary, though, depending on the sauce you serve with the meat. There are hundreds of variations, including the traditional peanut butter with smashed garlic and chopped onion in sesame oil.

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