17 Mouth-Watering Chinese Fast Food Dishes

Chinese Fast Food

Chinese fast food is typically linked with sinful delights in the West, such as deep-fried honey chicken or bland beef and black bean stir-fry. While modest bain-marie Chinese has its place, the genuine stuff is considerably different and incomparably more delectable. From Shanghai to Beijing, Chinese fast food is one of the most popular types of traditional Chinese cuisine enjoyed by one and all. 

Eating your way through the busy Chinese street food scene is a great way to get a taste of the country’s cuisine. Crepes, dumplings, rice balls, hakka Chinese dishes, and even a burger are among the numerous selections available in the Chinese fast food menu.

Here is a list of the 17 best Chinese fast food dishes that will make you drool. 


The Jian bing is China’s equivalent of the French crepe, however, unlike the French crepe, it only comes in one flavor: savory. One of the most popular Chinese fast food dishes is a thin flour and egg pancake spread on a smooth pan. As one side cooks, one or two eggs are cracked onto it. On the still-runny eggs, cilantro and chopped green onions are sprinkled. After that, it’s turned over and coated with diluted fermented tofu &, if desired, some hot pepper sauce. Then, in the middle, a rectangle piece of crisped dough is placed, the sides are folded above it, and the entire thing is folded into thirds and placed in a plastic bag. 

Pickles, spring onions, coriander, chili sauce, hoisin sauce, and the list goes on are just a few of the sauces and fillings you’ll find on them. This is most definitely one of the cheap Chinese food dishes that you will find on the fast food Chinese scene.

Lv Rou Huo Shao
Chinese Fast Food

Although it may not taste like the beef patty you’re used to at home, donkey meat has allegedly been consumed in Beijing and the neighboring provinces since the Ming Dynasty and hence is one of the no 1 Chinese food dishes. One of the most loved Chinese fast food dishes, the meat here is shredded and fried with spices before being placed between a flatbread bun with green pepper to form an Lv rou huo shao (Donkey burger). Some individuals claim that donkey flesh tastes similar to corned beef, but others disagree. This is for sure one of the best Chinese street food dishes.

Xiao Long Bao 

Dumplings are perhaps the most popular Chinese fast food snack, with the Xiao longbao (soup dumplings) being the most popular. They’re so popular that they’ve caught on in Western Chinese restaurants, but their versions typically fall short of the originals. 

While there are many other forms and tastes in the fast food Chinese scene, the classic Xiao long bao is a fragrant pork mince filling enclosed in a thin (but durable) steamed dumpling wrapper with a thick, meaty broth. Knowing how long to wait so that the soup explosion doesn’t burn your mouth is a complex & delicate art. 

Our recommendation is to bite a small hole in the dumpling wrapper to allow the soup to pour onto the spoon, then drink the soup before eating the rest of the dumpling. This will undoubtedly be one of the most loved Chinese street food.

Roasted sweet potatoes

This one is perhaps more well-known than a donkey burger, but it shouldn’t be overlooked — there’s nothing quite like a cozy roast sweet potato which is undoubtedly one of the best on the Chinese fast food menu. A smoky-sweet potato from a vendor’s portable street oven is the ideal way to keep your belly full and your hands warm during the cold winter months. 

Ma la tang
Chinese Fast Food

Another popular Chinese fast food, Malatang is a famous dish among both locals and ex-pats in the fast food Chinese scene, despite being recently rated one of China’s most unsanitary Chinese street food meals. One of the meals known as cheap Chinese food, this dry, fiery Sichuan soup is the less expensive (but considerably hotter) relative of hotpot. Simply choose your vegetables and meat, and the store owner will prepare them together with a mouth-watering broth. A bowl of ma la tang costs very little per skewer, so you can make it as cheap–or as expensive–as you like.

Yang rou chuan

Many cultures across the world love threading meat onto a stick and cooking it, whether they’re called shish kebabs, satay skewers, or something else. It’s a tasty and time-saving way to eat while taking in the sights. Yang rou chuan is the Chinese name for this fiery lamb or beef skewers. The smell of meaty, smokey chile and cumin pervades the streets of Xi’an making it undoubtedly the no 1 Chinese food loved by all.

Cong you bing (Deep-fried scallion pancakes)

Scallion pancakes, or cong you bing, are thin flatbreads topped with spicy scallion and deep-fried in oil. They’re the Chinese equivalent of Western pancakes, except they’re prepared using dough instead of batter. Cong you bing is a popular Chinese fast food breakfast dish found as a common meal along China’s streets, just like pancakes are an integral component of breakfast in America or Europe. They are recognized for their flavorful and juicy first taste and aftertaste, even though they are oily.

Hakka Chinese Cuisine
Chinese Fast Food

The Hakka are a Chinese ethnic group from the Central Plains. They are now found in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, among other places. Their cuisine is delicious making this one of the most popular Chinese fast food cuisines. 

Here are a few classic hakka Chinese recipes to get you started: 

Stuffed tofu: Braised tofu cubes stuffed with a delicious stuffing of minced pork or shrimp.

Yam abacus: This chewy and delicious meal is prepared with mashed yam and tapioca balls covered with sauce, minced meats, mushrooms, and black fungus. 

Poon choy: Another hakka Chinese delicacy is Poon Choy is a Chinese word that means “basin dish,” referring to the deep wooden bowl in which it is typically served. Many layers of meats and veggies make up this casserole-like meal. 

Pork belly along with mustard greens (preserved): Imagine thick, fatty slices of pork belly cooked along with chopped mustard greens in a dark, sweet sauce made with soy sauce and sugar. This is undoubtedly one of the best on the Chinese fast food menu.

Shansi Leng Mian

Cold eel noodles, also known as Shansi Leng Mian, are a popular restaurant dish that has found its way to Shanghai’s streets. The cold noodles and hot eels are presented in separate sections, and it’s up to you whether you mix them or eat them separately. The eel sauce is sweet, gingery, and salty from soy sauce, making it the right blend of Chinese tastes to complement the dish’s various textures and temperatures.

Chou Doufu (Stinky Tofu)
Chinese Fast Food

Many people are turned off by the strong, unpleasant scent of stinky tofu (particularly first-time visitors to China), yet odors may be misleading. One of the most delicious—and cheapest—tofu meals in the Middle Kingdom is stinky tofu, which is made by deep-frying bean curd. Delicious tofu that is crispy on the exterior and soft on the inside is one of the cheap Chinese food dishes that you can find in the whole of China.

Banmian (Chinese noodle soup)

Banmian is a famous Chinese fast food noodle dish in which the soup is made with fish stock, typically anchovy stock. Egg noodles, which are composed of eggs, flour, mushrooms, and anchovies, are usually included in the components. However, replacements or extra components like sausages, chicken drumsticks, chile, or Sichuan peppers can be used in noodle soups. Banmian, especially the soup, may leave a flavorful aftertaste that lasts for hours depending on the seller.

Bing Tanghulu (Candied hawthorns)

Bing tanghulu are Chinese hawthorns impaled onto long thin sticks and coated with a hardened layer of sugar syrup. They have a sour and sweet flavor, comparable to tiny candied apples but with a harsh, astringent, and gritty texture. Though various fruits, like strawberries or apples, can be added to tanghulu, the most frequent and popular variety, found in downtown Beijing, is packed with haws. Due to the fruit, the outside is crunchy and sweet, while the interior is soft, sweet, and sour. 

Rou jia mo

The rou jia mo, commonly known as the Chinese style hamburger, is a Chinese fast food dish that originated in the Shaanxi region but is now popular throughout the country. With a flavorful filling and chewy bread, it’s ideal for street food. Rou denotes pork, Jia denotes sandwiching the meat between two slices of bread, and mo denotes bread. Thus, a rou jia mo is a crisp unleavened oven-baked cake opened like a pita and packed with shredded fatty pork slow-cooked in a delectable soup of soy, cooking wine, star anise, and a dash of cinnamon, can be had for only six yuan.

Jiaozi (Chinese dumplings)
Chinese Fast Food

Jiaozi – or Chinese dumplings – are one of the most popular Chinese fast food snacks that are filled with veggies and/or pork. They resemble ancient gold ingots, which were thought to bring good fortune. They’re usually deep-fried or shallow-fried, and served with a soy vinegar sauce dip. With just one bite, you’ll get a mouthful of hot, luscious soup that hits every sensation on your tongue, resulting in a taste explosion. Jiaozis is consumed all year, but especially around Chinese New Year. 

Pai Gu Nian Gao

Pai gu nian gao is a Chinese fast food meal that consists of pork chops and fried rice cakes. The pork chop is marinated in oil, sugar, sauce, and ginger, and then cooked, while glutinous rice flour is made into a paste, sliced into thin, tiny segments, wrapped around the pork chop, and fried. The cooking procedure produces a hot, slightly sticky, compact dinner that hides the pork chops and sauce’s succulent tastes.

Huo Guo (Hotpot)
Chinese Fast Food

Huo guo, often known as hotpot, is a Sichuan delicacy that has gained popularity across the country. Being a no 1 Chinese food dish, many variants have emerged through time in each area of China, utilizing various meats, soup bases, sauces, and seasonings. The Chongqing ma la hotpot, which adds Sichuan pepper to the boiling beef soup, is the most renowned of all huo guo. On the tongue, it is said to leave a scorching and peppery feeling. 

Cifantuan or Ci faan (Glutinous rice balls)

Rice balls called cifantuan or ci faan are stuffed with a variety of flavorful local ingredients and are one of the most delicious Chinese fast food dishes. The savory varieties are the most prevalent. Rousing (pork floss), Aha cai (pickled veggies), & youtiao are a few examples (long golden-brown strips of deep-fried dough). There are also sweet versions, which include the same components as the savory versions but with the addition of sugar and sesame. Cifantuan is one of Shanghai’s most popular breakfast dishes, especially along Nanyang Lu and Xikang Lu.

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