10 Delicious East Indian Food Dishes to TRY

East Indian Food

West Bengal, Sikkim, Orissa, Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, and Assam make up the east Indian area. 

Because of the climate, east Indian food consists of a lot of rice preparations and is rich in green vegetables and fruits, providing us with a variety of unique dishes to try. Because of the location of Eastern India, the food has a great impact on Chinese and Mongolian cuisines, which adds to the excitement. 

Bengali sweets, Assamese fish, and Sikkim momos are just a few of the numerous popular east Indian food dishes enjoyed by people all over the world. Popular ingredients and spices like panch phoran, mustard seeds, and chilies, which are commonly used in curries and soups, contribute to the diverse flavors. 

East Indian Food

The inhabitants of West Bengal have a famous fondness for fish, rice, and sweets, which adds significantly to the popular east Indian food of not just the east zone, but also India’s national cuisine. Because of the lengthy coastline the two states share on the Bay of Bengal, a portion of Orissa shares a fondness for fish and rice with West Bengal. In this location, fish and other marine foods abound, as do the dishes. 

People in Bihar and Jharkhand like their colorful platters of seasonal vegetables, which grow in quantity and diversity in these states. The bulk of the population is vegetarian, indicating that Buddhism has had an impact here. The state was formerly ruled by the great Mughals, and the famed Mughal cuisine made its imprint on east Indian food as well. 

The unique combination of seeds used for tempering meals connects Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Orissa. Aniseed, mustard, fenugreek seed, cumin seed, and black cumin seed make up the famous spice masala used in almost all east Indian food delicacies known as ‘Panch Phoran’.

Sikkim’s cuisine is distinct from that of the other states in this zone. The gastronomic culture of neighboring nations, particularly Tibet, is evident in the cuisine of this state. People throughout the country adore Sikkim’s momos. 

Here are 10 most popular east Indian food dishes to try! 

Litti Chokha 
East Indian Food

A distinctive Bihar delicacy, litti chokha is the ideal dish to reflect the state’s earthiness. Litti is a filled dough ball coated in desi ghee and roasted till done, whereas chokha is a mix of baingan (eggplant), tomatoes, potatoes, and a variety of spices. Due to the cooling qualities of sattu, it is a nutritious meal that will keep you energized throughout the day. 

Bihari Kebabs

The marinade for one of the most famous east Indian food dishes, Bihari kebabs, is made using mustard oil, yogurt, poppy seeds, nutmeg, garam masala, and papaya paste, and it’s a classic. Thinly cut fillets, generally beef, are used to make this meal. It’s marinated for a lengthy period before being skewered on wooden skewers and grilled. 

The cooked beef pieces are generally served with chutneys, onions, and chiles on paratha or naan. 


Momos, delicious dumplings packed with a choice of minced meat or veggies, are a Sikkim delicacy that is adored by both children and adults. So much so that there is a large range of momos accessible all around; from fried to tandoori to chocolate and cheese, there is never enough of these. 

Kelli Chana

Manipur Kelli chana is a delightful, flavorful snack to enjoy when hunger pangs strike. It also has the benefits of chickpeas. 

East Indian Food

Shukto is a vegetarian east Indian food dish prepared of bitter gourd, plantains, potatoes, and radishes and cooked with Bengali panch phoron, or the five spices that define Bengali cuisine. It’s essentially a Bengali-style mixed vegetable dish. It has a creamy, milky gravy that balances out the bitterness of the gourd wonderfully. This is an unusual meal in Bengali cuisine, which is dominated by meat dishes. 


Dalma is a nutritious Odisha dish prepared with split chickpeas, raw papaya, potatoes, and a variety of masalas. It’s a quick and simple lunch option that pairs well with cooked rice or roti. Dalma is most definitely one of the most popular east Indian food dishes in India.

Steamed Shorshe Hilsa/Bhapa Ilish

The name of this east Indian food dish translates to “steamed hilsa with mustard and spices.” Fresh hilsa is marinated in a unique mustard-coconut-yogurt mixture and cooked in a nice old tiffin box in this classic Ilish dish of Bengali cuisine. Bhapa Ilish is elevated to new heights with the addition of spicy mustard oil and green chili to freshly cooked ilish. 

Assamese Fish Curry

This is a delicious fish dish from Assam, one of the most beautiful states in India. Rohu fish marinated in a tangy, spicy mixture of fish masala, turmeric, and mustard oil, then fried and served with marinated tomatoes and potatoes in a delicious sauce. 

Mangsho Kosha 
East Indian Food

Kosha Mangsho is for all mutton connoisseurs. This east Indian food dish, which dates back to the British colonial era, consists of mutton cooked in a spicy tomato and yogurt stew. Kosha is made with a variety of spices and fried in pure mustard oil. Have it with any Indian flatbread or with rice for a life-changing experience.

Mishti Doi 

Mishti doi is a Bengali delicacy prepared with sugar or jaggery and fermented doi/curd (typically produced from cow, buffalo, or goat milk) (cane sugar). Mishti doi is made by boiling sweetened milk until it becomes thick and then letting it ferment. 

The fermented result is mixed with melted sugar and allowed to solidify. This east Indian food is often prepared in traditional pottery jars and served cold. Mishti doi is also found in Orissa, Bihar, and Bangladesh, in addition to West Bengal.

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