Famous Food of Uttar Pradesh – 11 Best Dishes That You Must Try

Famous Food of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is India’s most populous state, located in the northern part of India. It boasts a diverse range of cultures and customs, just like its cuisine. Uttar Pradesh’s cuisine is as diverse as the state’s topography. The famous food of Uttar Pradesh ranges from everyday classics like sabziyon ki tehari to a royal lakhnavi buffet. This state is home to delectable dishes like chaat, samosa, and pakora, which are among India’s most famous street foods. Uttar Pradesh’s state cuisines have absorbed and altered a wide range of foods to produce a veritable feast of original flavors.

Whatever your culinary inclinations are, the famous food of Uttar Pradesh offers plenty of options to tempt your taste buds. Food dishes are cooked in an earthen jar known as a handi, which is heated over a roaring fire for up to three days. Even though this is a time-consuming method of cooking, the meal is really tasty and well worth the wait.

The bawarchis (royal cooks) of the Nawabs of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh’s capital, were the pioneers of the cuisine style known as “Dum Pukht.” To pack in all of the deep earthy flavors and fragrant spices, some of the famous food of Uttar Pradesh are cooked for many hours over low heat. This cooking process is peculiar to Lucknow. Uttar Pradesh’s major cuisine is Awadhi, and the state’s culinary habits are comparable to those of the rest of northern India, such as Kashmir and Punjab.

The most well-known food items of Uttar Pradesh is cooked following the Mughal cooking skills. The cuisine of northern Uttar Pradesh is quite distinct from Delhi’s renowned Mughlai cuisine. The Nawabs of Oudh were renowned gourmets who pushed their master cooks to experiment with new culinary techniques. ‘Tunday kebabs’ and ‘kakori kebabs,’ seasoned with rich spices and seeds, are two of the most famous food of Uttar Pradesh. 

Here is a list of 11 scrumptious & delicious foods of Uttar Pradesh that are unique to the state.

Lucknawi Biryani
Famous Food of Uttar Pradesh

A signature delicacy, Lucknawi Biriyani is cooked using Cashew nut paste, saffron, curd, mace powder, and star anise. This flagship dish, in which the meat (mutton or chicken) is cooked over low heat, is an essential part of Awadhi cuisine. A national favorite, this dish is loved by one and all.


Tehri is essentially vegetable pulao. This famous food of Uttar Pradesh is prepared with the best basmati rice available. The rice is cooked with a variety of veggies and spices to give it flavor and scent. Green chutney is often served alongside the meal to improve the flavor. It’s a very simple and straightforward dish that you can make at home.

Bhindi Ka Salan

The crispy fried ladyfingers are dipped into a yogurt-based curry flavored with a variety of spices. Bhindi ka Salan is a traditional Awadhi dish that is liked by everyone. It’s a nutritious and appetizing food dish and offers comfort to the one consuming it. 

Nargisi Kofta

The Nargisi Kofta is a mutton ball gravy made by stuffing an egg with mutton keema and deep drying it. The gravy has a distinct flavor because of the addition of tomato puree, dried fruit paste, and caramelized onions. It is commonly cooked as a specialty meal during Ramadan and Iftar. This meal is undoubtedly one of the famous food of Uttar Pradesh which is flavorful and a must-try for anyone who hasn’t had it before.

Tunday kebabs
Famous Food of Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow’s soft Tunday kebabs are known for their savory, melt-in-your-mouth flavor. These kebabs are cooked with lamb or buffalo meat and over a hundred spices to give them a distinct taste thereby making it one of the popular foods of Uttar Pradesh.

Bharwan Chicken Pasanda

Hearty and healthy, this is truly a royal delicacy. Stuffed chicken breasts with a creamy khoya-cheese combination and coated with a delectable coconut-cashew sauce, the diversity of ingredients and spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, and cardamoms, contribute to this dish’s richness.

Zamin Doz Machhli 

The sole fish is used to make this meal. Spices such as ginger garlic paste, cloves, poppy seeds, chili powder, and peppercorns are used to coat the entire fish. This famous food of Uttar Pradesh is then prepared traditionally, that is, in a handi that is buried underground and cooked over a cow dung cake fire. 

Galouti Kebabs

These kebabs are a staple of Awadhi cuisine and a must-try for any foodie eager to get their teeth into something tasty. This meal consists of a delicious minced beef kebab seasoned with a variety of spices. The kebabs disintegrate in your mouth as soon as you bite into them, leaving you wanting more.


Sheermal is a buttery, flaky naan smeared with honey and butter. Certainly one of Lucknow’s most luxurious sweets, if not the most delicious. This meal originated in Iran, and it was brought to India by the Persians when they invaded the nation.

Famous Food of Uttar Pradesh

It is one of the most delicious and famous food of Uttar Pradesh. A beloved favorite, malpua is essentially a cardamom-flavored sugar syrup-drenched deep fried maida puri. Dry fruits and chandi vark are used to garnish it. This dish’s light flavor and aroma will brighten your day.


During the winter months, the inhabitants of Varanasi turn to Malaiyo as their preferred dessert. It’s a light, fluffy, and frothy churned milk lassi that is served in a mitti ki glass and is as delicious as it sounds. The Banaras version, made with enough saffron to turn the malaiyo yellow and a pinch of sugar, is undoubtedly the best testament to plain old boring milk!!!

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