11 Delicious Food of Kerala

Food of Kerala

This southern part of India is a peaceful sanctuary of backwaters, beaches, fascinating wildlife, and beautiful highlands. It also has its own distinctive and colorful Kerala cuisine. The food of Kerala is mouth-watering and delicious.

Kerala, which is surrounded by the sea, is home to a variety of mouthwatering seafood delicacies, including mussels, crab, tiger prawns, king prawns, small prawns, oysters, sardines, mackerel, tuna, and stunning red lobsters. When strolling through the streets, looking at Kerala famous food dishes will make you salivate. Unlike its neighbors, Kerala takes great pleasure in the extensive range of non-vegetarian cuisine available to the state’s ever-hungry tourists!

Each meal in Kerala is an experience in and of itself, inspired by a blend of Malabari, French, and Arabian influences and enhanced with a touch of the state’s unique culture. The food of Kerala will take you on a culinary adventure, from huge platters of vegetarian meals like Sadya to a variety of non-vegetarian dishes prepared with seafood, lamb, and cattle, as well as sweet and savory delights!

Coconut, rice, tapioca, and spices like black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger abound in Kerala cuisine. Cassava was introduced by the Portuguese, and it is currently commonly consumed in Kerala. The area is also known for its Sadhya, which consists of boiled rice and a variety of vegetarian meals served on a banana leaf during the Hindu holiday Onam. Because of its lengthy coastline, the food of Kerala includes a lot of seafood such as fish, prawns, mussels, and crabs.

Here are 11 traditional food of Kerala that you must try.

Idiyappam With Curry
Food of Kerala

Idiyappam is a common food of Kerala that is enjoyed by the majority of the population. Idiyappam, also known as Noolappam, is rice flour, salt, and water dish with a lot of thin strands or sevai twisted together to give it the wonderful texture it has. Its versatility stems from its texture. It goes well with a variety of curries, but it’s especially good with egg curry.

Puttu and Kadala Curry 

Puttu is a steamed rice cake with coconut shavings that is as adorable as its name suggests. This is a popular breakfast dish as well as a staple cuisine in Kerala. This Kerala famous food item is generally served with kadala curry, which is just black chickpeas, but it may be eaten any way you choose! This meal can also be served with shredded coconut and ripe bananas.

Karimeen Pollichathu (Fish Curry)

This is a typical food of Kerala. Karimeen, also known as the pearl spot fish, is a speckled fish that may be found in the state’s backwaters. This is a classic Syrian Christian dish that has found its way into Kerala’s diverse cuisine. The pearl spot fish is marinated in a combination of lemon juice, red chilies, and other seasonings before being wrapped in plantain leaves and baked.

Erissery (Pumpkin And Lentil Stew)

Erissery is a popular Kerala dish that is enjoyed by both tourists and locals alike. This dish is cooked with raw plantains or sliced yams and is a hit in every Kerala household. It’s usually made by boiling somewhat sweet pumpkins with salt, pepper, dry lentils, shredded coconut, turmeric powder, cumin seeds, and garlic, then serving it on a bed of rice. Erissery, a popular Kerala famous food item on the menu of religious holidays such as Onam, provides the ideal gastronomic for foodies looking for new flavors.

Kerala Prawn Curry
Food of Kerala

If you visit Kerala and don’t try the wonderful prawn curry, your trip will be completed. It’s remarkable how basic ingredients in a meal can combine to create something so lovely. This classic prawn dish is seasoned with chili, salt, and pepper before being dipped in coconut milk, jaggery, and lastly curry leaves. The simple coconut (in all its forms) elevates this food of Kerala to a whole new level!

Ela Sadya

Ela Sadya is one of the most delicious meals that can be found in the traditional Kerala food menu, and its aroma will make you salivate and drool. Sadya is made and served on religious and ceremonial occasions like festivals, weddings, and more, with plenty of options than you’ve ever seen on your platter. This regal lunch combo of pachadi, kichadi, pulissery, olan, sambar, varavu, thoran, aviyal, and payasam, served with hot steaming rice on a banana leaf, can easily compete with Chokhi Dhani’s huge thali!

Nadan Beef Fry (Kerala Style Beef Fry)

In many respects, this delectable Kerala cuisine dish epitomizes the state of Kerala. It will be exceedingly tough to fall out of love with this area and all it has to offer to its visitors due to the dish’s paralyzing flavors. Curry leaves, ginger garlic paste, and mustard leaves are liberally used in this delicious meal along with the main component, beef.

Thalassery biriyani

The most popular food of Kerala in the Muslim community is rice biriyani. The seaport of Thalassery was a hub for the export of spices, where European, Arab, and Malabar civilizations collided and impacted the cuisine. Thalassery biriyani is made from kaima, a fragrant, small-grained, thin rice type. Inside the dish, the biryani masala and cooked rice are layered. On low heat, the meat is cooked with the masala and piled with rice before the container’s top is sealed with dough. The lid is then covered with a fire or charcoal.

Food of Kerala

Sadhya, a traditional Kerala dinner, is served in a fresh plantain leaf with rice and 12-20 items. Without this traditional food of Kerala, Kerala’s most celebrated celebration, Onam, would be incomplete. The traditional rice is known as choru, and the side dishes are collectively known as Kootan. 

The foods included in kootan are achar (pickle), pazham (banana), puli inji (ginger-tamarind paste), moru (buttermilk), pappadam, kayyavarathathu (banana chips), and parippu (dal and ghee mixture). The method and flavor of kootan are different in different regions. If you have never eaten a traditional Kerala sadhya, be sure to do so the next time you visit the state. Sadhya is a simple dish to prepare, and it is frequently served at weddings and other celebrations in Kerala. 

Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu (Spicy Chicken Fry)

It’s impossible to go wrong with fried chicken! You cook chicken, which is the most popular meat among 99 percent of the population! This rendition of a chicken fry is out of this world. The chicken is fried with onion, garlic, chili, vinegar, and coriander and served on a banana leaf. On your tongue, the spicy flavor of this famous food of Kerala will leave you wanting more!

Payasam Palada (dessert)
Food of Kerala
Creamy and tasty sweet rice kheer with palada is a delicacy cooked in nearly every Kerala family during the Onam festival and other special occasions. There are several variants, but this classic food of Kerala simply calls for basic ingredients such as rice ada, milk, sugar, and ghee. Rice ada is widely sold at Kerala grocery stores in India.

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