9 Unique but Delicious Indian Cakes that will Stomp Your Palette

Indian Cakes

Indians are known for their undying love for desserts, hence Indian cakes are well-liked by everybody. A scrumptious sweet cake can instantly make you feel better whether you are depressed or unhappy. Indian cakes, on the other hand, can be sweet or savory. The ingredients may also differ from the traditional flour, eggs, sugar, and baking powder. As you know Indians are masters of twisting flavors and ingredients to create something quirky but mouthwatering. 

Indian cakes are traditionally divided into three types: 

  • Batter Type: The structure of the batter is based on eggs, flour, and milk, and it contains a lot of fat and water, resulting in an aerated and chemically leavened oil-in-water emulsion. Baking powder is responsible for a large portion of the completed product’s volume. 
  • Foam type: For the majority of the final volume, rely mostly on the extension and denaturation of egg protein. Because they lack the oil-in-water emulsion that is characteristic of batter systems, they might be referred to as “cakes without shortening.” 
  • Chiffon type: A modified “foam-type” grain and texture created by combining batter and foam.

Here are some unusual yet deliciously flavorful traditional Indian cakes, both sweet and savory, that are popular in India and abroad. 

Traditional Indian Milk Cake/Kalakand
Indian Cake

Kalakand, or milk cake, is one of the classic Indian cakes made with milk and sugar. It’s an Indian sweet dessert dish made by evaporating milk with sugar and lemon to harden the cake and give it a grainy type texture. It’s flavored with cardamom powder and optionally topped with coarsely chopped Pistachios. There is a paneer and condensed milk variation of the milk cake that can be made quickly.

Kerala Style Plum Cake

One of the nicest Indian cakes you will ever have is a delicious traditional Kerala Style rich fruit cake prepared with dry fruits and nuts soaked in rum. Rich dry fruits soaked in alcohol, soft batter with the traditional flour with the addition of semolina to make it softer and addition of a few traditional Indian spices like cinnamon, this cake is a must-try.

South Indian Honey Cake

It’s a light and fluffy sponge cake with undertones of cardamom, covered with a sticky honey glaze with vivid flavors of orange and sweet chunks of coconut, one of the classic Indian cakes with a twist. Even though this cake has a simple base of a fluffy sponge cake, the honey, cardamom, and coconut in the syrup combine to create a delicious symphony in the tongue. The cake could not be moister since it is lavishly poured over the top and allowed to soak into the cake.

Traditional Appam Cake
Indian Cake

Try this Indian cake recipe for breakfast if you want to try something new. This is a typical South Indian breakfast that is both simple and tasty to prepare. It’s made using easy-to-find components like soaked rice, coconut, sugar, and yeast, and it’ll appeal to individuals of all ages. This eggless no-bake cake is both healthful and delicious. This can be served with coconut chutney or any other dip.

Parippu Vada or South Indian Lentil Cake

This savory and one of the most enjoyed Indian cakes is a popular Indian snack that can be found all throughout the nation. To make this, soak the lentils for a few hours and then lightly mash them before shaping them into patties with onions, ginger, chilies, and curry leaves. Deep-fry the lentil patties until they are crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside. Although I like chana dal (split chickpeas) for this recipe, toor dal (split pigeon peas) also works great with this.

Kuthiraivalli cake – The Millet Cake

Millets, which are abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, are making a comeback as a staple grain in the Indian diet. Use millet instead of standard flour to make softer, fluffier cakes. To make anything even healthier, swap out the regular components for organic ones.

Rice Cakes/ Idli

Idli is the healthiest and most digestible steamed Indian cake. This sought-after south Indian plate is made out of fermented rice cakes. The fluffy white idli, dipped in steaming sambar or delicately dipped in creamy chutney, never fails to entice new admirers into its league. This modest rice and lentil staple has slowly and steadily acquired appeal on the worldwide culinary scene because of the three magic phrases fermented, probiotics, and steamed.

Southern Style Coconut Cake
Indian Cake

Coconut is a widely used component in many Indian dishes. It’s nutritious and delicious, and it can be used in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. A southern-style coconut cake is a soft moist cake full of wonderful grated coconut, coconut milk, buttermilk, and a dash of extract. It’s fantastic with the coconut cream cheese icing!

Athirasam (Fried Sweet Rice Cakes) 
A classic Indian cake, its preparation necessitates planning ahead of time, as well as expertise and patience. Athirasam may not be the most attractive dessert, but it is delicious! Raw rice (may alternatively use locally available rice flour), jaggery, cardamom pops, and desi ghee are the only four basic components required to produce this treat. Dark and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this cake is a delight when fully cooked.

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