11 Delicious Indian Milk Based Desserts to Satiate your Sweet Tooth

Indian Milk

Milk is not only a complete meal in and of itself, but it is also a versatile component that can be found in most Indian milk based sweets and even some delectable curries.

Indian milk sweets and other cuisines play an important role in our everyday diet. Milk, in general, is high in protein and nutrients that are critical for human development at all stages of life. Milk-based products such as ghee, curd (dahi, yogurt), paneer, cottage cheese, cream, and buttermilk are used in preparing any milk based dishes.

The emergence and unavoidable necessity of milk in our daily food chart have compelled us to be innovative and further push the culinary boundaries to embrace milk in mainstream cooking as well. From adding it to our cereals to churning out refreshing fruit shakes and using it to make savory dishes as well, milk has become the emergent and inescapable part of our everyday diet. Hence we had to be creative and push the culinary envelope to use milk in popular cuisine as well.

Foodies aren’t only big on main courses; they’re also big on desserts. Delicious treats capture our interest. Without sweet dishes being served after the main course, the meal is not considered complete in India. Desserts are composed of a variety of ingredients, but we would drool excessively if they were Indian milk based recipes. 

So, in addition to the traditional ways of consuming milk, we show you how to include this nature’s elixir in other great ways with our 11 greatest Indian milk based dessert dishes:

Paal poli
Indian Milk

Paal poli is one of the delightful Indian milk sweets loved all over the country. Pooris/flatbreads are dipped in cardamom-flavored, reduced-sugared milk in this popular South Indian delicacy. It’s a unique sweet treat seen on many a Tamil wedding menu. Paal poori, milk poli, halu obbattu, and poori payasa are some of the names used in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for this dessert. In Karnataka, instead of milk, reduced sweetened milk containing poppy seeds and fresh coconut is used. Whatever the components are, the flavor is unmistakably divine. 

Mango mastani 

Mango mastani is a famous chilled milk beverage that is sweet and refreshing. A chilled, thick mango milkshake, mango ice cream, fresh cream, and chopped dried fruits combine to make this creamy delightful dish.


This Indian milk based treat, also known as mango shrikhand, is one of the best-tasting fruit-based traditional Maharashtrian sweets. This is created using cardamom and saffron-flavored strained yogurt or hanging curd, mango pulp, powdered sugar, and cardamom. This is without a doubt one of the easiest mango dessert recipes to make.

Chaler Payesh

Bengali cuisine’s ‘Chaler Payesh’ is one of the well-known Indian milk sweets. We all adore this delicious delicacy, which is typically served on special occasions such as weddings and birthdays. It’s a milk-based delicacy composed of rice, sugar, and jaggery. The milk is cooked for a long time until it thickens, then rice is added along with the appropriate amount of sugar or jaggery and simmered for a few minutes more. When served cold, it has the greatest flavor.

Indian Milk

The state of ‘Odisha’ is responsible for the dessert known as ‘Rasmalai’ or ‘Rossomalai.’ This delectable dessert melts in your tongue. Chenna/paneer, sugar syrup, and milk are the primary components. The paneer is first molded, then heated in sugar syrup until the milk has thickened into a creamy texture known as ‘rabri,’ and then the formed paneer balls are dunked into the ‘rabri.’ 

Rabri Falooda

It’s a traditional Delhi street dessert. Rabri is first created from milk. At the same time, the vermicelli/falooda is also cooked with milk and it’s left for cooling. To prepare this delicacy, the falooda is kept in the bottom of a glass, the rabri is piled over it in layers to which scooped ice cream and almonds are added for decoration.


It’s one of the most popular Indian milk-based sweets, which is flavorful, easy, and filling. Allow the milk to boil with rice flour, sugar, and a variety of dried fruits to make this delectable treat! Phirni is one of the most popular Indian dessert recipes to make on special occasions, often served in little clay bowls known as ‘Shikoras.’

Milk cake
Indian Milk

The popular and well-liked Indian milk cake is simple to make at home. After boiling the milk, pinches of tartaric powder and lemon juice are added till the milk curdles. Corn flour is sprinkled on top, and the mixture is then placed over clear sheets. 

Coconut Kheer

The dessert dish ‘Coconut Kheer’ comes from the Indian subcontinent. After allowing the milk to boil for a while, grated coconut is cooked and added to the boiling milk along with sugar, which is then left to simmer on low heat. Unbelievably delicious, this dessert is a must-try!

Kesar Pista Kulfi

Reduced full-fat milk, malai or fresh cream, and kesar aka saffron, cardamom, and chopped pistachios are used to make this creamy, gritty, frozen milk based delicacy. Rose syrup and a liberal dusting of pistachios are sometimes sprinkled over these kulfis. 

Indian Milk
This one is sure to satisfy your hunger because it is simple yet spectacular and delicious. This unique delectable dish is composed of roasted whole wheat, milk, sugar, and almonds, and then cooked to sweet perfection.

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