14 Best Creamy Indian Soup Dishes

Indian Soup

Indian soup dishes are commonly referred to as shorba or curries, and they are full of aromatic and delectable spices that also aid in the prevention of colds and sniffles. Soups are suitable for any weather and may be cooked with common Indian vegetables such as tomato, carrot, mushroom, and others that can be used to prepare delicious Indian vegetarian soups. Non-vegetarian items such as chicken, mutton, and so on can also be used to prepare delicious soups. The national soup of India is Mulligatawny soup. There are a variety of Indian soup recipes available, ranging from masala to curry to paneer, that is sure to get your dinner off to a good start. 

Thick, buttery, and creamy soups filled with warming spices are a staple of Indian cuisine. They’re not only flavorful, but they’re also colorful. Cooking Indian soup may be overwhelming, but with these easy recipes, you’ll be able to master them in no time. 

Due to the inclusion of traditional Indian spices, the ingredients in Indian soup recipes are known for combating everyone’s greatest wintertime adversary – those pesky cold and flu germs. 

Here are 14 delicious and nutritious Indian soups to spice up your taste buds.

Indian Tomato Soup
Indian Soup

Indian tomato soup is identical to ordinary tomato soup, but with the addition of a variety of Indian spices. The result is a flavor combination that is both warming and refreshing and is sure to please your taste buds. Sure, it’s not a genuine Indian soup, and many purists would scorn it, but one mouthful will persuade you otherwise. The taste of tomato soup is enhanced by the inclusion of turmeric, cayenne, ginger, and garam masala. Whether authentic or not, one thing is certain: this is one of the Indian soup recipes that is an excellent way to begin any meal.

Palak Soup 

Palak soup is a vegetarian soup with spinach as the main ingredient. This soup is flavorful to the max! The key is to combine spinach, heavy cream, and sweet gram flour to thicken it. A dash of pepper adds a hint of heat to the soup, bringing comfort with each spoonful. It’s the ideal way to warm up on a chilly winter evening when served hot. It’s comforting Indian food that’s also beneficial for you.

Mulligatawny Soup

Famously known as the national soup of India, Mulligatawny soup is a lentil, carrot, and apple soup made with curry and coconut. It may seem like an unusual pairing, but the flavors compliment each other beautifully. While it’s technically a soup, it’s so thick and creamy that it’s more appropriately referred to as a stew. It also contains jalapenos, ginger, garlic, onions, and other spices to provide heat and taste, in addition to the foregoing components. You won’t be able to stop at just one serving since it’s so delicious and cozy. However, I strongly advise you to double the recipe. In a matter of minutes, this soup will be gone.

Indian Cream of Mushroom Soup
Indian Soup

Although cream of mushroom soup is not naturally Indian, this recipe transforms it into one. This soup is very creamy and full of flavor. It’s also filled with delicious Indian loveliness, thanks to the inclusion of Indian bay leaf (tejpatta) and nutmeg. You’ll have a fantastic meal whether you serve this soup with crisp crostini, substantial pasta, or a light salad.

Beetroot and Carrot soup

The health advantages of beets and carrots are endless. It’s even much more so when the two are combined. This Indian soup is all about a simple Indian vegetable soup with an Indian touch. The addition of coconut milk and Indian spices elevates the soup from ordinary to extraordinary. The following is a breakdown of what happens in this soup: Roasted carrots, beets, and onions with a rich, caramelized flavour are first on the list. Garam masala, cayenne pepper, coconut oil, and salt are used to season these vegetables. All of this deliciousness is then blended with thick, creamy coconut milk and a squeeze of lime juice. They work together to produce the optimum taste balance.

Indian Chickpea Soup 

In Indian cuisine, chickpeas are a popular component. Chickpea soup is a rich, creamy soup that can be cooked with only the most basic cupboard items. Chickpeas, lemon, ginger, turmeric, and cumin are all ingredients I’m sure you already have on hand. The soup has a fantastic taste balance thanks to the creamy chickpeas and warming spices. It’s so delicious that one bowl won’t be enough.

Indian Spiced Pumpkin Soup 

Pumpkin soup is a popular Indian soup that you’ll enjoy even more if you add extra spices to it. On a rainy night, there’s nothing like a nice cup of pumpkin soup to keep you warm. Sure, it’s already warm and inviting, but you can make it even more so by adding extra spices. Cumin, paprika, ginger, turmeric, coriander, and garam masala are the common ones used. It may seem like a lot, but these spices go perfectly with roasted pumpkin. 

Tomato Lime Indian Soup
Indian Soup

Tomato lime soup is a simple yet delicious meal that will leave your taste buds tingling. Tomatoes and lime in a creamy soup — the taste combination may seem odd, but it works. Cumin, cardamom, garlic, and onion add flavor and give it an Indian twist. Serve this cool soup with crackers for delectable and nutritious appetizers.

Indian Vegetarian Soup

Not only is this vegetable soup vegan, but it’s also really tasty. And it’s really simple to make! The nice thing about this soup is that it can be used in a variety of ways. It will still taste great if you use whatever vegetables you have in the fridge. You may also use any spices you like, so have fun with it! It also takes only 20 minutes to prepare, making it an ideal beginning for hectic weeknights. Dinner is ready when you pair this tasty Indian vegetarian soup with a simple sandwich.

Moong dal (Indian Lentil) Soup

Moong dal has a high protein content, is strong in antioxidants, and is anti-inflammatory. It’s a soothing bowl of nutrition when made into a soup. Moong soup, unlike dal, does not keep the lentils in their entire shape. It’s a lighter beverage that can be sipped. 

Paneer Soup
Indian Soup

Another famous Indian soup is paneer soup, which is rich and creamy with a bite. Paneer is an Indian soft cheese made by curdling milk with an acid derived from fruit or vegetables. Garlic, mustard seeds, ginger, curry, and coconut flavor this soup, which is packed with it. It’s proof that healthy foods can be delicious as well.

Mutton Paya Soup

Mutton Paya Soup, which is prepared from lamb legs, is one of the healthiest Indian soups you’ll ever eat. This soup dish delivers a fantastic amount of calcium and is also healthy for the joints, making it ideal for children and the elderly. The lamb trotters (legs) are tenderized to the point that the juice produced from them is the healthiest when combined with water. The whole and ground spices used in this flavorful soup recipe give it a wonderful fragrance and flavor.

Ladakhi Thukpa

Thukpa is a popular cuisine in areas of north and east India, including Ladakh, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh, and is said to have originated in Tibet. The soup has a lot of ginger and pepper, both of which are immune boosters. It also includes chicken, noodles, and veggies, making for a balanced meal with protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

Chicken Tikka Masala Soup
Indian Soup

Chicken tikka masala is a rich and spicy Indian soup that includes chicken. The popular Indian meal is transformed into a creamy soup in this dish. Chicken tikka masala soup is not only delicious, but it’s also a great way to round up your dinner. What was once a two-person dinner may now feed four people! For a full Indian supper, serve this incredibly thick and fragrant soup with a piece or two of garlic naan.

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