Indian Sweet Dishes – 9 Comforting and Delicious Treats

Indian Sweet Dishes

It’s fairly common to be astonished when traditional Indian desserts appear at the table when you’re first experiencing Indian food. Indian sweet dishes show little similarity to conventional Western desserts, making it difficult for a newbie to figure out what’s on the plate and how to consume it if you don’t have a point of reference. 

While a platter of diamond-shaped barfi or a bowl of syrupy gulab jamun might seem perplexing, an inquisitive foodie will quickly learn the addictive charm of the famous Indian sweet dishes. Those delicious and unique Indian sweet delicacies become something you want after just one mouthful, especially during festive times. India is very proud of its sweets, which it refers to as ‘mithai’. These unique treats are beautiful, colorful, and delicious.

Most Indian sweet dishes are traditionally prepared on the stovetop or over an open fire rather than being baked. The most common ingredients used to prepare these sweets are milk, chickpea flour, semolina, coconut, and rice, though it depends on the location. These ingredients may not seem particularly appetizing on their own, but a skilled cook can quickly turn them into delightful treats flavored with cardamom, saffron, and rose water. In India, milk is extremely essential, especially for sweets. Milk may be made into a variety of Indian sweet dishes, including cheese dumplings, fudge, pudding, ice cream, and sauce, to suit even the most refined palate.

Indian food is incomplete without Indian sweet dishes. Sweets and desserts are fundamental to Indian festivities, as well as being savored over a big dinner. Some Indian sweet dishes, like laddu, date back to ancient India, but the Mughal monarchs who arrived from Persia introduced many other of them to this country. India is a land of sweets and desserts, where deserts are a requirement after supper or lunch and complete the meal. Desserts and sweets will be the first thing on anyone’s mind when it comes to a festival, a birthday, or any other event worth celebrating, such as this country’s love affair with desserts and sweets.

Here are some of the most mouth-watering delicious Indian sweet dishes that you must try.

Soan papdi 
Indian Sweet Dishes

Soan papdi is a common dessert with a distinctive flaky texture that dissolves in your tongue like cotton candy. The Turkish Pismaniye comes very close to this Indian dessert. Gram flour is an important element in the creation of soan papdi, and it requires a lengthy procedure which is worth it once you taste this delicacy.

Mishti Doi

This traditional Bengali dessert is similar to rabri but without nuts and spices. Fermented milk (curd) is thickened and sweetened with a considerable amount of jaggery to get a creamy consistency. Soft and delicious, this is no doubt one of the most loved Indian sweet dishes.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun, one of the most famous Indian sweet dishes, is incredibly sweet and sticky, and wickedly enticing! These spongy soft balls of heaven are formed from a flour and milk powder (or condensed milk) mixture that is fried and soaked in syrup. They’re frequently flavored with cardamom and rose, which lends them their Hindi name of “rose berry.” Unni appam, a kind of sweet popular in Kerala, south India, is identical to gulab jamun. Rice flour, jaggery (unrefined sugar), banana, and coconut are used to make it. Soft fluffy melt-in-the-mouth gulab jamuns are a signature dish all over India.


Bengalis are famous for their sweet taste and language, and the sandesh is the poster child for both. A wonderful, velvety sweet that will please your senses like nothing else, is best eaten in Kolkata and some regions of Bengal, it is also known as the “heart thief.” Sandesh is composed primarily of milk and sugar. This white/creamy dish is mostly found in eastern India, and some variations include chhena (cheese) instead of milk

Gajar ka Halwa
Indian Sweet Dishes

Gajar ka halwa is one of the most popular and widely consumed Indian sweet dishes. It originated in the Imperial Mughal kitchens and is very popular in northern India during the winter months. Grated carrots are the major component, along with milk, sugar, and a considerable amount of ghee. Rava kesari (kesari halwa) is adored in south India in the same manner as gajar ka halwa is in the north, and it is produced in the same way. Rava (semolina) is boiled with sugar and water after being roasted in ghee.


In India, laddu is the most popular celebratory delicacy. The most common variation of this famous sweet is motichoor laddu, which comes in a variety of flavors. Susutra, an ancient Indian physician who employed sesame laddus as an antiseptic to cure his surgical patients, is thought to have originated the dessert. The most prevalent sweet sacrifices presented to Indian Gods are laddus.


Modak is a sweet dumpling with a rice or wheat flour crust and fresh coconut or jaggery filling that is popular during Ganesh Chaturthi. Modak is best found in southern and western India, where it is known by several names such as Sughiyan in Malayali, Kadubu in Kannada, and Kudumu in Telugu. The soft dumpling melts in your tongue as soon as it enters, providing you with infinite delicious delight.

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak, one of the most popular and regal Indian sweet dishes in Mysore, was created by a cook called Kakasurra at the royal palace of Mysore. Ghee, sugar, gram flour, and cardamom are used to make this delightful dessert, which is cooked entirely in butter. This Indian sweet delicacy is delicious, and Mysore in India is the finest spot to try it. 

Kesar Peda
Indian Sweet Dishes

Peda is a type of soft milk fudge prepared with heated and thickened milk and sugar. It is thought to have originated in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, the sacred birthplace of Lord Krishna. Kesar peda, flavored with saffron (kesar) and topped with pistachio, is the most popular variant!!!

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