Jharkhand Famous Food Dishes – 11 Delicious Preparations You Don’t Want to Miss

Jharkhand Famous Food

With its vast greenery, the state of Jharkhand has a unique effect on tradition and culture, which it has acquired as its most valuable heritage. In addition, Jharkhand famous food dishes have an amazing uniqueness that has always been an attraction for food lovers. The more you learn about Jharkhand, the more diverse it becomes. When we talk about Jharkhand famous foods, we come across a variety of items that have been impacted by tribal culture. 

About 75 percent of Jharkhand’s population lives in rural regions, hence the state’s cuisine is rustic, basic, and earthy. The meals’ simplicity, however, does not change the fact that they are usually bursting with flavor and richness. Even though rice, dal, and a variety of vegetables are essential Jharkhand famous foods, they are prepared in unique ways to produce a wonderful dish you’ve never had before. Jharkhand’s cuisine is different because of the inventive manner in which the ingredients are combined. 

Let’s have a look at 11 Jharkhand famous food dishes which are the state’s most renowned and unusual meals.


Starting with one of the most well-known cuisines, Dhuska is a delicious deep-fried snack served with sauce and chutney. Rice, powdered chana daal, and occasionally cooked potatoes are the key components. These foods are not commonly found in restaurants since they are a common snack that can be readily prepared at home. 

Chilka Roti

Rice flour and besan are used to make Chilka Roti which is a popular Jharkhand famous food. During the holiday seasons and other events, it is prepared in every home. It’s usually served with a yam curry (known as “oal” in the region), mutton, or chana dal curry prepared with traditional ingredients.

Aloo Chokha
Jharkhand famous food

In Jharkhand, it is very popular and easy to make the dish. To prepare this dish, mix mashed boiled potato (aloo) with traditional Indian spices and fried onions. The delicious dish is now ready for you to gorge on! Aloo Chokha is delicious and typically served with Chapati, Roti, or Rice. The taste is exquisite, even though it appears to be somewhat average and hence is one of the popular dishes in this region.


It is a button mushroom that is rich in proteins and is found in Jharkhand. The demand for these mushrooms, which are small, round, white balls around the size of grapes, is strong during the monsoon season as it becomes an alternative to the non-vegetarian diet during the spiritual month of Shravan. Rugda curry is popular among the locals, who like it’s meaty flavor, which is akin to the chicken liver and has a crisp prawn-like shell. Traditional spices and ingredients are utilized to make the curry, which gives it a great flavor.

Bamboo Shoot

This meal, which uses mustard seed and garlic as main components, will tantalize your taste senses while also blowing your mind. It has a simple sweet flavor with a distinct sourness. 

Munga saag/Drumstick leaves

This is another Jharkhand famous food dish that uses natural drumstick by-products. Drumsticks can be cooked with potatoes and traditional spices to make the curry, which is a popular dish among locals. Its leaves are often cooked and consumed as saag. The leaves offer therapeutic properties that can help with digestion, asthma, and infection treatment.

Jharkhand famous food

This delicious delicacy is popular all throughout India and is also provided as a prasad at Jharkhand’s famed Chhath puja. Thekuas are made using wheat flour, fennel seeds, sugar or jaggery, and a lot of ghee, which gives them a delicious flavor.

Rohad Haku

It’s a non-vegetarian fish meal that’s been around for a long time. Small fish are sun-dried before being deep-fried till crispy. They are then gently cooked with mustard oil and different spices before being seasoned with a few drops of lemon or vinegar. 


Pitha is a Jharkhand famous food dish that is popular in West Bengal, Assam, Odisha, and Kerala too. Rice flour or wheat flour are the most common ingredients used to prepare this delicacy. It’s a rice cake wrap with sweet components like shredded coconut, kheer, and dry fruits like cashews, pistachios, and almonds. Cauliflower, cabbage, and mashed potatoes are sometimes used as fillings for savory pithas. Pitha comes in a variety of forms, including patishapta, dudh puli, and others, and is consumed as a dessert throughout India.

Jharkhand famous food

Dudhori is also known as desi gulab jamun, which is made mostly during Durga Puja. Rice, milk, and sugar syrup are the key ingredients used to make this delicious sweet. The taste is exquisite, and it’s also known as “balls of paradise.”


Handia is a rice beer made by the residents of the area. It’s prepared from a ‘ranu’ tablet, which is a mixture of 20-25 herbs that are blended with cooked rice and fermented. This drink is ready in about a week. 
As you can see, Jharkhand is a state where people don’t usually associate mouth-watering delicacies with, but it, like any other state, has certain staples and a delectable treasure trove of dishes. Jharkhand famous food dishes are wonderful, with a distinct culinary technique that distinguishes it from the rest of the country.

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