11 Healthy and Delicious Non Spicy Indian Food Dishes

Non Spicy Indian Food

Indian cuisine does not require an introduction. Indian food is a kaleidoscope of colors, flavors, textures, and smells that have been crafted through millennia. Generations of Indian homes have worked to make the food what it is today by combining sustainability, nutrition, and flavor. The nicest thing is that it is always evolving be it the spicy or the non spicy Indian food dishes. 

Indian cuisine is recognized for its rich flavor, fragrance, and taste. Spices and oils are the key ingredients in making delectable Indian cuisine. Indian food is labeled as “spicy” as a result of the usage of these spices, and while this view is changing, the vast majority of people throughout the world continue to deny themselves the opportunity to try Indian food just because it is hot even though there are multiple non spicy Indian food preparations which are equally delicious.

To tell you the truth, Indian food is rather spicy. And, unlike other cuisines where spice is linked with heavy usage of chilies, it is the mix of condiments, chilies, and traditional Indian spices that makes it spicy! The tantalizing feeling on your tongue when eating Indian food is what keeps most non-spice lovers away from this amazing cuisine! 

What people are not aware of, however, is that there are non spicy Indian food recipes that are moderate and do not necessitate the addition of excessive spices, oil, or condiments. These healthy Indian recipes are gentle and flavorful. 

Let’s have a look at 11 non spicy Indian foods that are also excellent.

Non Spicy Indian Food

Idli is a savory steamed rice cake with a texture similar to that of a Chinese bao. It’s cooked with rice and fermented black lentils, and it’s usually served with coconut chutney and a little spice on top. It is a non spicy Indian food dish which is extremely tasty as well.


Dosa bears a striking resemblance to a pancake or crepe, but it’s prepared with a batter of fermented rice and black gram which is a type of Indian bean. It’s thinly sliced and fried in a hot pan until crispy. It’s traditionally served with sambar, a hot, spicy soup, and chutney, and it’s occasionally stuffed with a potato-paneer combination. These are totally a non spicy Indian food dish, yet extremely wonderful when served with a range of various chutneys and sambars (curries).


Vada resembles an unglazed doughnut, but it’s actually a savory delicacy prepared with everything from lentils to potatoes. They’re usually moderate and thick, so they’re a wonderful breakfast to get you through the day. They also appear in another delectable meal called dahi vada, which consists of vadas steeped in a rich yoghurt sauce and is a great option for soothing your tummy.


Dhokla is a fluffy, spongy piece of food item that is full of flavor! It is a tea-time snack as well as a favorite side dish in an ornate thali! This steaming delicacy comes from Gujarat and is made with fermented rice batter or split chickpeas. This is one of India’s greatest non spicy snack foods, somewhat acidic, mildly sweet, and not at all spicy unless you add the tempering.

Curd Rice
Non Spicy Indian Food

This is one of the few recipes on the planet that is as simple as it is delicious and nutritious! Each state in South India has its own version of this meal, which is known as Dahi Bhaat, Mosaranna, Perugu Annam, and Daddojanam. Few include curry leaf tempering, whole dried red chilies, fresh coriander leaves, and pomegranate pearls! This is another non spicy Indian food dish that you should definitely try out. The most basic is Maharashtra’s dahi bhaat, which is made with a sprinkle of salt, sugar, home-cultured curd, a splash of cooled milk, and cooked room-temperature rice!

Dal Baati Churma

This nutritious dinner, which originated in the royal state of Rajasthan and is now eaten with small modifications throughout the states of Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh, is a pleasure trip owing to the diversity of textures and flavors it delivers. The Baati is a roasted wheat flour ball that is crushed, dipped in mild Daal, and soaked in ghee (clarified butter) (flavored lentil soup). The Churma comes from the fact that this dish might be a little hot to manage. Churma, a lentil and jaggery preparation, balances out the meal’s mild heat, making it a wonderful non-spicy entrée!

Saag Paneer
Non Spicy Indian Food

This non spicy Indian food preparation is made up of lush greens (spinach, mustard greens, or collard greens). It’s usually served with roti, a type of flatbread, and has a medium to moderate flavor.


Korma is a delicious mild curry that doesn’t require a lot of spices. The name “Korma” comes from the Turkish word “Kavurma,” which means “cooked meat.” It has its origins in South Asia. It’s a wonderful, rich, creamy meal made with a lot of coconut milk. This meal goes well with naan or chapati and may be made with either lamb or chicken.

Kashmiri Pulao

This mixed veggie rice may appear to be a simple dish, but the Kashmiris take it to the next level. They make it aesthetically attractive by adding fresh fruits, dried fruits, and threads of saffron! Of course, the flavor is sweet, with a hint of condiment! Kashmiri Pulao is a delicious non spicy Indian food whether served with a curry or on its own. 

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is a popular North Indian dish that is enjoyed all over the world. It’s a basic lentil curry with rajma (red kidney beans) served in a creamy sauce with a sprinkling of butter on top. Because of the lengthy cooking, the texture is thick and creamy. Rice or roti are the perfect accompaniments to this Punjabi meal.

Butter Chicken
Non Spicy Indian Food
Butter chicken is a popular chicken dish that is enjoyed all over the world. The chicken is marinated, roasted in a tandoor, and then served in a creamy sauce. Its rich crimson color may fool you, but as you bite into the first mouthful with a freshly made roti/kulcha, you’ll be whisked away to heavenly chicken curry covered with dairy deliciousness!

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