5 Best Easy-to-make Quick Indian snacks

Quick Indian snacks

India is a big nation, with many varied languages, dialects, traditions, and, most significantly, Indian cuisine in each state. India’s cuisine is so varied that one dish might have hundreds of versions. 

Do you know which part of Indian food is the most diverse? It’s the quick Indian snacks and appetizers that include anything from street delicacies and desserts to handmade nibbles to go with tea and coffee. Every Indian state has its distinct easy Indian snacks that are influenced by the local cuisine. Although snacks and appetizers are typically provided as starters at parties and gatherings before the commencement of the main meal, some quick Indian snacks are also offered with the main course meal in Gujarati and Andhra cuisine.

Every normal Indian’s lifestyle consists of socializing and eating; it is customary in any Indian house to offer you a range of snacks and dipping pickles to complement them, many of which are simple and quick to prepare in just a few minutes. Quick Indian snacks are sometimes labeled as junk food since they are frequently fried and are not considered to be beneficial to overall health and nutrition. With rising worries about diet weight loss and overall health, more and more low calorie Indian snacks are becoming popular.

When it comes to quick and easy Indian snacks and appetizer preparations, Indian food is unique in that youngsters enjoy them since they are flavorsome, tasty, and quick to make. Chaat, Samosa, Dhokla, Chivda, Murukku, and more famous Indian snacks are sure to delight your palate and fulfill your demands.

Some quick Indian snacks and starters can also be served as special breakfast, lunch, or supper entrees. In India, you don’t have to wait for particular holidays to savor delectable cuisine and delectable snacks. When it comes to flavor, Indian food has no limits thanks to its vast assortment of sauces, soups, condiments, and spices. Homemade snacks are popular for the obvious reasons of utilizing fresh ingredients and caring for the health of one’s family.

Quick Indian snacks

We search for conveniently available, appetizing solutions to satisfy food cravings, to grab that much-needed nibble in the middle of a busy workday, and to relax and unwind after a long day’s work with some evening nibbles. All of this encourages us to eat fatty foods that cause more damage than benefits. In the long term, this can have several negative consequences for our health. Healthy and quick Indian snacks, on the other hand, can keep you energized and pleased throughout the day.

It does not imply that one should give up on food or flavor. All we need to do now is discover healthy and flavorful alternatives. Thankfully, there is no shortage of choices in India. So, we’ve compiled a list of quick Indian snacks for you. 

Here are 5 easy recipes to help you make the switch to healthier alternatives.


Bhel is one of the most easy-to-make quick Indian snacks that packs a punch of flavor in every bite. The gluten-free puffed rice is strong in vitamin B, and the onions added to the bhel not only give crunch but also help to maintain good skin (because of the high sulfur content) and are beneficial in the battle against cancer and high blood pressure. Thus, this is also one of the healthy low calorie Indian snacks, that is delicious. If you add tomatoes and cucumber to the bhel, you’ll get extra vitamins B and C as well as cancer-fighting elements.

Veggie Bread Snack
Quick Indian snacks

Toasted veggie sandwiches are a wonderful snack that takes no more than five minutes to prepare. The nutritious veggies in these sandwiches are what make them healthful. Cucumbers are high in vitamin B and aid in the removal of toxins from the body. Vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, and dietary fiber are all abundant in tomatoes. Add a couple of pieces of cooked potatoes if desired. With the addition of moong sprouts, lettuce, chutneys, and ketchup, you have a wonderful and healthy snack!

To make this, boil potatoes and mash them to prepare this dish. Toss in the vegetables, spices, and salt to taste. Mix thoroughly. On the bread slices, spread a tiny quantity of butter and ketchup. Between two slices of bread, place the veggie mixture. Warm the sandwich by toasting it in a sandwich maker or on a grill.


Chivda, or Poha as it is also known in India, is a popular basis for a variety of dry snacks. Chivda is the key component in most Namkeens you’ll come across. It’s a filling, fiber-rich breakfast that’s also high in carbohydrates, iron, and important vitamins. Poha is cooked with either potato or onion, or both potatoes and onion, in the two most common versions.

Boiled Potatoes and Chickpeas Chaat
Quick Indian snacks

This is one of the most delectable, fast and simple to prepare quick Indian snacks. The snack also contains a low saturated fat and salt content, as well as a high amount of dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and protein content. You may boost the protein level even further by adding a little crumbled paneer. The filling recipe is tasty, healthful, and quick, and simple to prepare. Simply combine all of the ingredients mentioned above in a mixing bowl and serve with a tangy seasoning of lemon juice and coriander leaves.

Khakhra Chips made with Whole Wheat Flour

This traditional Gujarati snack is well-known throughout the country. Whole wheat flour, salt, oil, and water are used to make it. Khakhra is a healthier and more digestible alternative to packaged junk food. It’s usually served with a pickle, which brings out the greatest flavor in the Khakhra chips. Whole wheat flour is a fantastic source of phosphorus and is ideal for diabetics, making it a terrific choice among many nutritious evening Indian snacks.

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