23 Best & Tasty Traditional Indian Breakfast Dishes

Traditional Indian Breakfast

A healthy breakfast jump-starts your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories all day long. It also provides you with the energy you require to complete tasks and aids your concentration at work or school. That is only one of the many reasons why it is the most essential meal of the day. Despite the fact that our typical breakfast consists of a slice of bread with eggs and coffee, most of us are fully aware of the vast array of meals offered on the traditional Indian breakfast menu.

Breakfast food in India varies greatly by area, resulting in a bewildering assortment of traditional meals enjoyed in various parts of the nation. When seen as a whole, these traditional Indian breakfasts reveal great gastronomic diversity as well as a thread of continuity in the eating patterns of many Indian areas. 

It’s especially important to provide your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs first thing in the morning. You won’t have to resort to quick snacks like bread and sausages as the traditional Indian breakfast menu has some of the best Indian breakfast food dishes which score high in terms of nutrition. By promoting attentive eating habits, the traditional Indian breakfast items provided can help people maintain great health in the long run.

In your quick Indian breakfast plan, you can obtain all of the proteins you need just as readily as you do in sausages, eggs, and bacon (not that you shouldn’t). In this article, we’ve discussed some of the Indian food items that are part of the Indian breakfast menu. To have a tasty and nutritious breakfast every day, incorporate them into your diet.

There is no such thing as a typical Indian breakfast because virtually every state in the country has its own specialties. In India, however, breakfast variations may be divided into two categories: North Indian and South Indian. We’ll also go over some popular breakfast options from the East and West. This post is for you if you’re thinking, “What are some healthy and best Indian breakfast items that would make me happy and healthy?” 

Traditional Indian Breakfast

Here are some of the traditional Indian breakfast foods that are popular and delicious.

Southern Indian breakfast items

Dosa & Idli  

A dosa is a traditional Indian breakfast dish originating in the southern regions of India. It is a crepe prepared from a batter of rice and lentils. After soaking rice and lentils in water for 6 hours, the mixture is blended into a batter and fermented at room temperature overnight. Salt is added to the batter after it has fermented. The batter is now ready to be used to produce crispy dosas. 

Idlis may be made using the same batter. The fermented batter is poured into oiled idli plates to make idli. Idli plates are similar in appearance to cupcake trays. 

Sambhar (lentil soup) and chutney are served with dosa and idli. Chutney comes in a variety of flavors, including coconut chutney, mint chutney, onion chutney, tomato chutney, mint chutney, cilantro chutney, and peanut chutney.


Pongal is a rice-and-lentil meal with sambhar, coconut chutney, and vada on the side (savory lentil doughnut). The harvest festival celebrated in southern India is also known as “Pongal.” South Indians create two types of pongal on the day of the harvest celebration. One is the sweet pongal, which is prepared from palm sugar, rice, lentils, ghee, almonds, raisins and the other is a savory pongal, which is delicious too. In both of these varieties of pongals, a generous amount of ghee is used to provide richness and taste. 

Classic Puttu-Kadala

This nutritious traditional Indian breakfast food puttu is prepared with rice and coconut, two of Kerala’s most popular ingredients. This is a soft, steamed rice cake that is generally served with a kadala curry (black chickpeas).

Traditional Indian Breakfast

Uttapam is a popular breakfast dish in South India. Uttapam is similar to dosa, except uttapam is a thick pancake batter with toppings, whereas dosa is crisp and typically packed. Uttapam, like many other Indian breakfasts, is quick, simple, satisfying, and nutritious. This distinctive pancake type should be crispy on the surface and fluffy and light on the interior, loaded with tasty veggies and spices. Peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, chili, and sweet corn are common uttapam toppings. It’s all about trying new things until you find your favorites!


Appam is a rice batter crepe that is spongy and thick. It’s generally served with sweetened coconut milk or vegetable or chicken korma. A specific type of wok called an “Aappa Kadai ” is used to cook Appam. South Indians pour the Appam batter into the heated wok, holding the wok’s handles and gently swirling it around. The batter runs down the sides of the wok, eventually settling in the bottom. As a result, the appam takes on the form of a wok. The appam will be crispy on the outside and soft and spongy on the inside.

North Indian Breakfast Dishes

Fiery Mirchi Vadas

With Jodhpur’s spicy mirchi vadas, you may add some spice to your quick Indian breakfast list. Big green chili peppers are packed with hot aloo masala and fried. This is then served with spicy green chutney and sweet tamarind chutney for a delicious and traditional Indian breakfast. 

Roti with Chana Masala

Roti is a wheat flatbread prepared with whole wheat flour, salt, and water. It’s generally accompanied by a vegetable or lentil curry. Chana masala is a zesty chickpea stew that is often served as a snack, main meal, or breakfast in North India. It is perhaps India’s most popular vegetarian meal, and can be found on train stations, at work, in school canteens, and at ceremonies and festive occasions in India.

The chickpeas are cooked in a mixture of spices and herbs, then topped with a dollop of yogurt or sour cream before gorging on them. Due to the popularity of chana masala, regional variations exist, such as the Pakistani aloo chole, which is prepared with chickpeas and potatoes. 

Dal Ka Paratha with Curd or Pickle
Traditional Indian Breakfast

Paratha is a type of Indian bread that is generally a traditional Indian breakfast and is golden-brown in color, flaky, and layered. The term is derived from a combination of the words ‘parat’ (cooked) and ‘atta’ (flour), which refers to the layered, baked dough. It is made from whole wheat flour and cooked in ghee in round, triangular, square, or heptagonal forms.

Boiled potatoes, cauliflower, garlic, ginger, chili, paneer, spicy lentil combination, or radish are common fillings for parathas. Pickles, yogurt, handmade chutneys, and meat and veggie curries are sometimes served together. Paratha is traditionally served with lassi, a famous yogurt-based beverage in Punjab.


Siddu, a steamed wheat flour and yeast bread packed with onion, chilies, coriander, and khus khus (poppy seeds), is included in this traditional Indian breakfast most popular in Himachal Pradesh. Accompanied by desi ghee and green chutney, this dish is a taste explosion.


Puri is a fried, unleavened Indian bread prepared with water, finer or coarser wheat flour, and cumin seeds on occasion. The dough is shaped into flat circular forms and cooked in vegetable oil or ghee in large quantities. The dough absorbs oil during frying, giving puris their signature puffy look, crunchy texture, and attractive golden hue. Uncooked puris are occasionally pierced to make a flat variation of the bread. 

It is popular throughout the Indian subcontinent, although its origins are most likely in the northern states, where wheat flour was more often used. Puri is usually served as a side dish with creamy and spicy curries or a variety of veggie dishes.

West Indian Breakfast Delicacies

Traditional Indian Breakfast

Handvo is a tasty and nutritious and traditional Indian breakfast food item cooked with a variety of nutritious foods items like bottle gourd, protein-rich lentils, and buttermilk. It is similar to a savory cake that may be cooked and stored. Later it can be reheated and topped with a curry leaf and mustard seed tempering before eating. 


Poha is a kind of flattened rice that is made tasty with traditional Indian spices. This is a straightforward and traditional Indian breakfast and one of the few rice-based morning meals available in Northern India. Rice is boiled, then pressed flat and dried to make poha. Poha does not need to be cooked for long because the rice has already been boiled and cooked.

Typically mustard seeds, curry leaves, and turmeric powder are used to season it. To give the meal a light sourness, lemon juice is added towards the end. A quick Indian breakfast, poha is not something that you will find in an Indian restaurant. It’s one of those popular dishes that is only cooked at home rather than in restaurants.

Misal Pav

Misal pav is a Maharashtra-inspired traditional Indian breakfast. Misal, a curry prepared with sprouted moth beans and generally topped with chivda, onions, chilis, and potatoes, and pav, bread rolls used to soak up the delicious curry, are the two primary components. Misal pav is a meal that can be eaten for breakfast, as a snack, or as a main course. Roadside vendors, breakfast restaurants, and workplace canteens are all typical places to find it.


Besan or chickpea flour is used to make this quick Indian breakfast which is a vegetarian omelet. It’s made from chana flour (besan), suji, green peppers, ginger, coriander, and yogurt and resembles a soft and thin pancake. It’s cooked in the same way as an omelet and makes a delicious vegetarian breakfast. A sweet variation made with whole wheat flour and jaggery is also an option.

Patal bhaji or Tonak
Traditional Indian Breakfast

While it may resemble Mumbai’s pao bhaji, Goa’s patal bhaji or tonak is a spicy dish prepared with potatoes, coconut, roasted whole spices, and occasionally dried white peas. The curry is typically served with soft and fluffy pav, which is made fresh every morning in wood-fired mud ovens by local bakeries. 

Methi Bajra Poori And Aloo Sabzi

Rajasthan and its love affair with Bajra are well-known. Did you know that Bajra roti is a fantastic gluten-free alternative to normal roti? It also contains important nutrients such as protein, fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron. Methi bajra puri made using methi leaves as a seasoning, goes well with chutney, and aloo ki sabzi is a traditional Indian breakfast.

East Indian Breakfast Preparations


This traditional Assamese breakfast is nutritious and simple to prepare. This no-cook breakfast is also known as Bhogali Jalpan. It is made with soaking chivda/chira or flattened rice, curd, and jaggery on the side. 

Luchi and aloo dum
Traditional Indian Breakfast

Traditionally served at pujas, luchi with aloo dum is a popular Sunday breakfast among Bengalis. Luchi is a flour-based puri that is deep-fried. Alur dom, on the other hand, is a spicy gravy prepared with potatoes and spices such as chili powder, turmeric, and garam masala that is served hot with luchi. 

Moglai porota

The Moglai porota or Mughlai paratha is a wrap prepared with spices, flour, and beaten eggs that are filled with mutton or chicken. It’s an excellent breakfast option that will keep you satisfied until your next meal. 

Tan – A Savory Flatbread

A savory flatbread called tan is served with changang or black tea as part of a typical Manipuri breakfast. Tan comes in a variety of forms: it can be deep-fried or served as a savory crepe prepared with rice flour, salt, and water on a classic iron pan. The latter is called temai tan, and it can be seasoned with turmeric powder, maroi nakuppi or garlic chives, and freshly grated ginger to add flavor.

Sattu Parathas

Sattu parathas are one of the most popular and traditional Indian breakfast dishes, especially in Bihar. Sattu roasted chana dal flour, and grains are used to make it. The parantha is packed with sattu flour, chopped onion, green chilies, ginger, garlic, and ajwain and fried on a tawa before being served with curd. 

Traditional Indian Breakfast

Rice with bai, a mixed vegetable stew cooked with fermented pork, green chilies, and a sprinkle of baking soda, is a typical Mizo breakfast. Bai is typically made with mustard leaf, brinjal, potatoes, and cabbage, but without any spices or salt.

Santula , Chakuli Pitha, Mudhi
Steamed and lightly sautéed vegetables such as potato, brinjal, and ladyfingers make up the light and nutritious Odia meal santula, which is served with rotis or paranthas. It can also be deep-fried and served as veggie fritters. Mudhi (puffed rice) and poha (flattened rice) are popular breakfast options in Assam and are served with curd, banana, and sugar. Chakuli pitha (fried rice cakes) with ghuguni (white pea curry) is another popular Odia breakfast combo.

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