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5 Tasty and Healthy Indian Dinner Meals

5 Tasty and Healthy Indian Dinner Meals

Indian Dinner


Looking for delicious and nutritious Indian dinner meals? Discover 5 Tasty and Healthy Indian Dinner Meals that combine flavor and wellness. From aromatic spices to wholesome ingredients, these dishes satisfy your cravings while providing essential nutrients. Explore the vibrant world of Indian cuisine and elevate your dining experience today.

A wholesome and healthy Indian dinner meal may give you an image of tasteless and dull plates of mixed greens, flavorless dishes of food that may turn you off. Since the popular thought that healthy food can’t be tasty and mouth-watering, is what most people believe, we only consider dull dishes like a plate of mixed greens, clear soups, and anything bland.

Nonetheless, this isn’t the situation. You can eat nutritious meals without bargaining much on the taste and flavors because going healthy doesn’t mean restricting all the carbs and fats from your eating regimen. Indian food is all about mouth-watering delights, loaded with flavourful flavors and spices, cooked in oil and dollops of ghee, and maybe this is one reason why we can’t envision Indian food to be healthy. This is not true. Read on to know more !

While eating healthy we might be exhausted from eating a similar sort of food consistently every single day, yet extraordinary cooking strategies and techniques added to the same dishes may make you enjoyably appreciate them. Different nutritionists believe that practicing good eating habits is eating the same delicious plate of food but with a healthy twist; for instance, biryani made with vermicelli rather than rice or boneless butter chicken without butter but with similar mouth-watering flavors. Sounds intriguing, right? 

Here are some important tips for you to decide on a healthy & nutritious Indian dinner. You can choose the one that suits you.

High protein Indian dinner – People who workout a lot need low carbs but a whole lot of proteins for dinner. You can have dishes like lentil soup, sprout salads with a lot of veggies along with whole wheat roti and a serving of chicken.

Dinner for weight watchers – When you want to keep a watch on your weight, have something light like a chicken or vegetable soup, mixed vegetable salad along with whole wheat rotis or millet rice.

High fibre Indian dinner- When you want meals to have high fibre, have brown rice or multigrain rotis/chapatis along with Indian vegetable dishes like beans curry or bhindi ki sabzi. 

Late night dinner – When you work late, you must have light dinners like a serving of grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce or a simple chicken soup.

Health freak dinner – Dishes like grilled veggies, grilled fish or grilled chicken with a sprout/bean salad along with jowar or bajra rotis/chapatis.

Easy peezy Indian dinner – When you’re tired and want an easy to make meal go for whole wheat pasta with a lot of vegetables like broccoli, beans and/or chicken. You can also go for the traditional khichdi. 

One pot meals – One pot healthy chicken or vegetable pulao or brown rice with chicken and veggies can be an easy one pot meal you can go for.

Here are some extremely healthy Indian dinner dishes you can try out.

Sabudana Khichdi

A definitive solace food of India, khichdi is a light and simple dish to cook. It is known as Pongal in Tamil Nadu & Khichdi in the other parts of India. It is famously made with only two fundamental local ingredients – rice and lentil – which bring a feeling of warmth and peace. Nonetheless, there are numerous renditions of khichdi made in various families around the country.

In this version you use sabudana, which is a processed plant starch. These tapioca pearls are fat free, gluten free and extremely healthy. The output is beautiful and delicious pearls coated with roasted peanuts and traditional spices with a few drops of lemon.

Low Fat Butter Chicken

On the chance that you are a non-vegetarian, you may be bouncing with bliss to discover butter chicken on the list of healthy Indian supper plans. The heart- healthy variant avoids the butter spread and focuses on the dish’s basics, including the Indian zest blend of garam masala, a mix of cinnamon, cloves, cumin, coriander and cardamom that is promptly accessible at supermarkets.

Garlic, onion and ginger add to the flavor-fest, and a hint of cayenne gives the dish a hot kick. Marinating the chicken in nonfat yogurt makes it amazingly delicate and adds richness (minus the fat). Roasted tomatoes with their exquisite sweet flavor, make up the foundation of the sauce — and a sprinkling of cilantro adds a little punch.

Semolina Uttapam

An amazingly mainstream south Indian dosa variant made with semolina and vegetable garnishes. It is an ideal morning breakfast formula which can be made in a flash without the problem of fermentation of the rice. It tastes extraordinary when presented with a side of fiery chutney and it is healthy as well.

Spinach Paratha

Rather than having an ordinary chapati or roti , make this spinach roti/paratha for your supper to up your veggies consumption.Spinach is a superfood and including it in a paratha makes it healthy as well. Make this paratha for supper and serve it with extra dal or curry from lunch.

Whole Wheat Pasta

Whole Wheat Pasta with a lot of Indian vegetables and spices

Another continental dish with an Indian healthy twist is whole wheat penne pasta with mixed Indian veggies and mild spices. This formula is straightforward and doesn’t use any pasta sauce. This formula is for healthy veggie lovers however you can add cheddar or paneer for that additional protein. For a vegetarian, tofu will be a decent expansion. This pasta dish will fulfil the entire requirement of fiber for a sound digestive system.


These 5 Tasty and Healthy Indian Dinner Meals offer a delightful fusion of flavors and nutrition. With the essence of authentic Indian cuisine, these dishes are perfect for those seeking a satisfying and well-balanced evening meal. Embrace the vibrant spices and wholesome ingredients of Indian dinner cuisine, and indulge in a culinary journey that nourishes both body and soul. Elevate your dining experience with these mouthwatering recipes and savor the essence of Indian Dinner tonight.

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