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Indian Restaurants – Where and What To Eat


For Indian people, immense love for food is very common. Food for them is not for survival, it’s for experiencing joy and happiness. For people living abroad, trying out Indian food in Indian restaurants becomes a lifetime experience. Spicy sweet chutneys, savory curries, delicious tandoori, and beautiful desserts – the Indian menu is very elaborate.

In terms of food, first impressions are very important. When a person is trying Indian food for the first time, he must eat the best-cooked foods from an Indian menu. Because of the love for Indian food globally, it’s fairly easy to find ​ Indian restaurants ​in every nook of the world. 

In today’s world, almost every city across the globe has authentic Indian food restaurants that offer delicious Indian cuisine. During the last few decades, Indian food has reached top international destinations. You could even find an Indian restaurant in a place like Harris Park offering an authentic Indian menu.

Indian food has reached great heights of popularity. So much so that multiple Hollywood presentations & Western sitcoms are referring to it & presenting it as a popularly accepted way. Gradually, Indian food is creating its mark on the international zone with well-known international chefs recreating hot favorite Indian restaurant menu dishes and serving them to a much wider audience of food lovers.

A very common question that comes to everyone’s mind is what does Indian food entail? Indian cuisine is supposed to contain wonderful varieties of food, with discrete regional differences. It is a picturesque cuisine that has multiple dimensions to it and is rich in flavor. The magnificent collection of Indian recipes is unbeatable & unparalleled. It is needless to say that the heritage and culture of India, its religious beliefs & its historical developments are all reflected in the great Indian cuisine. Various local cultures and traditions form the backbone of Indian cuisine. 

Indian Cuisine includes different Indian Foods from India & its neighboring places. They use different spices, fruits, vegetables, & herbs to create unique dishes. Many best restaurants nowadays are first-generation establishments or family-owned. When you are new to this Indian cuisine, it is very important to know what exact kind of food to order.

It is important to understand what has made Indian food so popular. Thanks to the multiple Indian restaurants that are efficiently run globally from diverse geographical locations, the love for Indian food is now gone beyond. These restaurants are appreciated by well-known Michelin star chefs all over the world and receive a lot of accolades. Each one of these restaurants seems to have a few distinctive characteristics in terms of food and this has helped them carve a niche for themselves in the global culinary world. 

The multifariousness of Indian cuisine has made it so popular worldwide. The substantial variety of Indian food dishes has mainly been responsible for attracting a lot of food lovers and gradually making Indian food quite popular. Indian restaurants never compromise on the quality or quantity of the food being served, just to fulfill customer expectations.

Here are a few tips on what to buy in the best Indian restaurants:

What to Eat

Indian food has different spices, vegetables, sauces, & marinated meat. Its influence came from different countries like Persia, China, England & Portugal. The Indian religion like Buddhism also affects food choices so most of these people prefer eating vegetables to meat.


Most Indian appetizers are deeply fried pastries with cream soups & raw vegetable salads. These are often served with sauces, such as yogurt or chutney to balance the spicy flavor. The very most famous appetizer is the samosa, a fried pastry with mixed vegetables, spices inside a dough. Another famous pastry is a pakora, which is a little similar to samosa. The only difference while cooking is that people fry it directly without stuffing the ingredients inside the dough.


Drinks in India are sweet to complement the spicy taste of Indian food. Most people prefer ordering a sweet yogurt-based shake or lassi. A sweet drink, like panakam, with water, lime juice, sugar & ginger is also a favorite among foodies. If you are interested in alcoholic drinks, you can order an IPA or India Pale Ales.

Main Dishes

There are restaurants in India that offer a full vegetarian meal for people who do not eat meat. There are a lot of cases when cooks convert their meat dishes with a vegetable alternative to satisfy the customer’s taste. The best main dish to order is Indian curry. This is made of vegetables or meat soaked in yogurt or coconut-based marinade. When you go to the Best Indian restaurants, a lot of the dishes consist of chicken, lamb, spinach, or rice.


Indians love sugar & milk-based desserts with fresh fruits. Most of the Best Indian restaurants sweeten their puddings & ice creams with fruits, such as mangos, bananas & pomegranates. One popular pudding is kheer, which is a rice pudding with raisins, cinnamon & cardamom.

Gravy & Spicy Food Choices

Foodies who love spicy foods go to Indian restaurants just because they have different levels of spiciness, from mild to very hot. Don’t choose the spicier dishes if you are new or starting. There are chances that you might give up on the food & waste your money after having a bite. Stick to mild foods & only order a spicier dish when you think you can handle it.

There is a basic rule in Indian cuisine where you order a gravy dish with another dry dish. This gravy dish gives a better taste to the rice dish. You can also order a Paratha, Chapati & Naan to balance the dry dish.

The rich flavors, spices & creamy sauces of Indian food are becoming famous to people around the globe. Foodies who like vegetables, sugar & milk-based food items & spicy dishes visit Indian restaurants quite often. When you are looking for an aromatic lip-smacking dish, the best Indian restaurants must be your first choice.

The popularity of Indian food restaurants & tastes has been increasing day by day. These restaurants are available in almost all places & people who are foodies, trying to taste a variety of Indian cuisines. Indian cuisines have become more famous among British and Americans just because of their restrained & classy methods of preparation. The application of various spices adds a different feeling and taste.

The increasing demand all over for Indian Food makes the entire world known for traditional Indian cuisine. The food utilizes very low fat & low heat is used to cook, so because of that, it maintains the pure and natural fragrance. There are also a lot of vegetarian recipes to taste. A variety of Indian foods contain a lot of vegetables as one-third of the population are vegetarians. Many of the Indian recipes are not only just rich in taste but they are also good for medicinal value as the spices used in them have good medicinal value. For example, the ginger used to cook is very good for the cough & fenugreek is very good for digestion.

The topmost 10 Indian recipes commonly ordered in Indian food restaurants are :

Malai Kofta

Kaali Daal

Butter Chicken

Ragan Josh

Chicken Tikka Masala




Tandoori Chicken

Palak Paneer

The taste of Indian foodies is varied as is its rich culture and tradition. Every region has its different taste. There are generally four regions in this Indian cooking style: they are East Indian, West, North, and South Indian.

Before going to an Indian food restaurant you must decide what kind of atmosphere and food you are looking for. Generally, Indian foods are offered at an economical price & you can always rely on the excellent quality & service these Indian restaurants offer. A few tips that will help you while ordering food in an Indian food restaurant are given below.

Before ordering your food from an Indian restaurant menu, make sure to consult the staff to get a picture of the dish that you would like to order. This will not only help you to enjoy an ideal feast but also to have an idea about what you are eating. Generally, people believe that Indian foods are very spicy which is not true. Multiple dishes can be cooked with minimal spices yet have a splendid taste. So, when you select your Indian food menu, decide on what kind of food you would like to have.

Indian cuisines are catching a lot of attention from all over the global customers with their growing popularity & mouthwatering taste. You can also see well-established chains of Indian food restaurants & their online websites where you can easily order your favorite food.

If you are a foodie and love the taste of the best Indian food then besides India, New York is also the place to be as there are plenty of best Indian food restaurants to choose from. You have the choice from vegetarian to regular Indian food & everything in the middle. Here are just a few of these best Indian food restaurants that you should check out. All of these best places offer a pleasant atmosphere with amazing food.

One of the first and great stops that you should make on your quest for the best Indian food restaurant in New York would be Madras Mahal. This small and cozy Indian restaurant serves some of the best vegetarian Indian food in New York. In their Indian menu, they have a huge variety of different Indian flavors for you to choose from. If you’re not a vegetarian you will surely feel their food to be outstanding. The decor is friendly, inviting & the staff makes you feel right at home with their pleasant smiles. This is just about as good as Indian vegetarian food can be, so come on over & give them a try to serve you.

Another one of the best Indian food restaurants in New York would be Chola. This is a more famous restaurant so the price will be a little high but it’ll be worth it to your taste. They offer very modern decor in a relaxed & comfortable setting. Their food will melt in your mouth. The staff is very friendly & always seems to have pleasant smiles. They serve some of the best Indian foods available & you will not be disappointed. This is a great place to bring family & friends for an amazing night out with good food & friends. Go ahead & check it out and you will be very glad you did.

Finally, the best Indian food restaurant is Vatan, which is another amazing Vegetarian Indian restaurant. Their food is just delicious & very authentic. Their Indian menu is a set menu of all you want to eat items similar to a buffet but their portions are a little smaller but still just as filling. They also serve some great appetizers such as bread filled with yogurt & many more delicious items. Just a few things on their main Indian menu include spinach stew & rice with lentils among others. You will love the amazing food & atmosphere even if you don’t happen to be a vegetarian.

So if you are hungry and want to eat some great Indian food you need to give these Indian food restaurants a try. These restaurants will offer you great and authentic Indian food at the most reasonable prices. These restaurants will surely please any palette looking for great food. So go & check one of these amazing places out today you’ll be very glad that you did.

How do Indian food joints stand out globally from all other restaurants? 

Magnificent Taste: The originality of Indian spices is very famous throughout the world. Any genuine Indian will know how to work the magic of these aromatic Indian spices and bring out their incredible taste in the Indian dishes. 

Marvelous Hospitality: Hospitality, kindness, and warmth has always been one of the most important pillars of Indian heritage. This folklore is carried forward by authentic Indian restaurants that ensure that you are treated with utmost love and magnificent service.

Extremely Affordable: The cost of food is yet another redeeming factor for these restaurants. Fantastic portions, mind-blowing taste, and a comfortable ambiance are what Indian food is all about without digging a hole in your pocket. 

India is a land of multiple spices, aromas, and culinary heritage. Given the size and population of this country, it’s beyond doubt a land of hundreds of different micro-cuisines. Each city is full of restaurants that capture the essence of India. There’s always a hard competition to be the best among the best restaurants in India. It is very difficult to choose the best from the group of restaurants as the parameter is not only good food. The ambiance, environment, service all has to be considered to have a fine dining experience.

Let’s have a look at some of the best restaurants in India.

Dakshin , New Delhi

South Indian restaurants are located throughout India. Among them, only a few can provide a luxurious dining experience along with the best flavors of South Indian food. One such restaurant is Dakshin in the capital of India. One of the best joints for relishing South Indian food, the restaurant thrills their customers with the use of traditional vessels like “Uruli”. Some of the delicious foods on their menu are Appam and prawn curry. 

Naivedhyam , Mumbai

One of the best places to enjoy South Indian food, Naivedyam located in Mumbai, draws in a lot of crowds owing to their calm ambiance and prompt staff. Their menu is classic, having foods like Idli sambhar, Dosa, delicious chutneys, and their star buttermilk. Undoubtedly this is one of the best South Indian restaurants in the country.

Toast & Tonic, Bengaluru

This restaurant in Bengaluru is a favorite amongst not only the local people but also globally. Their head Chef Manu Chandra is one of the reasons why their foods are not only enticing to look at but also delicious to eat with a classic Toast and Tonic twist. This is one of the unique South Indian restaurants that celebrate not only classic South Indian flavors but diners can also enjoy famous food from all over the country. Their menu is a colorful blend of all things delicious. Don’t forget to enjoy pork from Tamil Nadu, coffee from Coorg, tea from Munnar and so much more.

Masque, Mumbai

Dinners in this restaurant can enjoy a blend of ingredients as the head chef here, Chef Sadhu merges his Kashmiri heritage along with his time spent in some very good restaurants like Alinea and The French Laundry. One of the best North Indian restaurants, MASQUE, has in its menu delicious rice cakes from Kashmir and Jammu’s famous cheese.

Indian Accent New Delhi

Indian Accent in Delhi, is one of the most renowned West Indian restaurants drawing in people from all over the world. The head chef, Manish Malhotra, creates dishes with extreme skill thereby making this one of the best North Indian restaurants. Their menu consists of delicious kulchas, melt-in-the-mouth naans (Indian bread), and not to forget the rich dal makhani which the North Indians love. Desserts are also one of their specialties. To accompany these rich aromatic dishes, diners can also order some sparkling wines and cocktails, and ice creams.

Shree Thaker Bhojanalay, Mumbai

Located in a serine and hidden away place in old Mumbai, this restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best West Indian restaurants specializing in Gujrati food. The winner is a Gujrati thali which is a variety of small dishes served in some bowls along with delicious chutneys to complement the food. Diners can gorge over enticing dishes like Kadhi ( chickpea flour kaporas along with yogurt) and shaak which is an accompaniment of vegetables cooked in a delicious and spicy gravy along with their champion buttermilk.

6 Ballygunge Place, Kolkata

One of the best East Indian restaurants in the country, this is for sure one of the must-visit restaurants. Known for serving authentic Bengali food, this is a food lover’s paradise. Located in the southern area of Kolkata, this restaurant has a traditional feel and has a vintage feel. Serving food from the recipes created by the world-famous family of Shri Rabindranath Tagore, their menu is full of iconic dishes like Bhapa Ilish (steamed Hilsa in mustard curry), Daab Chingri (slow-cooked prawns inside a coconut), luchi along with aloor dum, kosha mangsho (mutton curry with a lot of spice) and so much more. The sweet dishes are also lip-smacking ranging from baked sandesh and mishti doi to ice creams and caramel custards.

The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai

The shortest way to describe The Bombay Canteen is modern India served on a platter. This is one of the fewer East Indian restaurants which highlights youth and fun while still celebrating the deep-rooted and ancient traditional values in India. Changing their menus every season this restaurant located in Mumbai is well known for changing things to keep the diners constantly excited. Warm and courteous staff and their delicious menus including Eggs Kejriwal and Pork Seekh Kebabs keep drawing a loyal and dedicated crowd throughout the year. Undoubtedly it is one of the best restaurants in India.

Mustard, Atria Mall, Worli

Mustard in Worli, Mumbai is a crowd favorite. Its name has been derived from Mustard which is one of the well-known spices used in Indian cooking. This restaurant without a doubt is one of the very famous East Indian restaurants in the world. Authentic dishes, warm hospitality, and age-old recipes which are a blend of traditional East Indian flavors are what make this restaurant a champion. Simple yet charming, Musard is a fine-dining joint that has won many accolades from the prestigious culinary community.


Petuk is a well-known East Indian restaurant located at Kotivakkam on Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai is mostly famous for hearty Bengali food with a simple menu. It’s a must-visit for all those who prefer a cozy dining experience with their near and dear ones.

From a mere inch to miles these best restaurants in India have reached a long way in their journey of appreciation and fame. These restaurants are not only known for their enticing menu, but also for their warmth and courteous staff who take care of their guests in the most efficient manner. 

We have discussed some of the best restaurants in India and it is a very well-established fact that these restaurants are putting up a very good fight to be the top fine dining places in the world.

Here is some analysis of what you generally find in a typical Indian restaurant menu. Next time when you visit your favorite Indian restaurant to enjoy food make sure you know what type of Indian food you want. There is a good chance you’ll be surprised to know how much better you were missing out on.

Being the food lover country that India is, there is food planned around every time of the day & food available everywhere. Some of the foods included in normal Indian restaurant menus are:


Bhajji are crispy and deep-fried dollops of spicy chickpea batter provided with spicy condiments called chutney. Onion Bhajji features thinly sliced onions that have been added to the chickpea batter & then it is deep-fried to crispy.

Vada Pav

Vadas Pav is very deeply fried flattened patties of potato & a pav is a generally plain old dinner roll. Vada pav is generally a very spicy vegetarian version of sliders where the patty is sandwiched in between two halves of a plain dinner roll. Mostly, condiments are added to the mix.


Naan is one of the most famous Indian flatbreads. Naan is generally made by wheat flour dough which is prepared by allowing it to rise using yeast or maybe by the addition of yogurt to a dough. This dough is then rolled into flatbreads & cooked in an oven called a tandoor.


Paratha is also a popular flatbread that is layered & pan-fried. These parathas are made with wheat flour, ghee & oil is smeared between the layers of dough while rolling them. But there are also many ways in which you can cook a paratha. A Stuffed Paratha is when a filling is stuffed into a ball of dough & then rolled into a flatbread.


Dal is the Hindi name and it broadly refers to all kinds of lentil soups in Indian cuisine. The lentils are mixed with turmeric, water & salt then cooked to their perfection.


This Lassi is a sweet yogurt drink generally made by thinning out yogurt with milk, water & then sweetening it with more flavor. The cream is also added to the drink too to make it richer. Lassi can also be made into different flavors by adding additional flavorings, various fruits, etc. For example, mango lassi is made by mixing mango & yogurt, the same as strawberry lassi contains fresh strawberries, etc.

Gulab Jamun

If the Chicken Tikka Masala is the king of Indian curries, then this Gulab Jamun is the king of deserts. Milk solids are crushed into powder & then mixed with milk to knead into a smooth dough. This dough is then rolled into small balls, deep-fried & dunked into a sugar syrup till the balls absorb the syrup and become soft & juicy.


Halwa is also famous for pudding made with any variety of flours like wheat flour, chickpea flour, root vegetables, which is cooked with sugar, ghee & water, or milk.

Want to Add Some Spice to Life? Try an Indian Menu

The mouth watering taste of the Indian food menu has crossed the borders of India & spread to all parts of the world, which has always welcomed interesting new Indian cuisines. One of the main reasons for this is the rich variety of an Indian food with all its different curries & chutneys that are so easy to fall in love with.

An Indian menu is not something that you can take a glimpse of and make a fast order. Each dish and each combination can be carefully considered before ordering in order to thoroughly appreciate the combinations of tastes while eating. An Indian meal can be a feast with appetizers like vegetable samosa or onion bhaji, main courses with rice like pulao or biryani and with bread like naan or stuffed parathas, side dishes like tarka dal, mutton korma or chicken tikka masala and finally a dessert like gulab jamun or rasgulla.

Unlike French cuisine which could have four or five courses, an Indian menu focuses solely on three: the starters, the main course and the dessert. It is the variety in each of these that makes this food magical and much sought after. Because India is a huge country with many cultures and traditions, each of its states can offer some special dish or the other. It can still be a surprise to many to see so many dishes using the same spices and ingredients. Perhaps the only common factor in all these foods is its spiciness but even that varies in intensity with every dish.

For an avid food lover, an Indian menu is just perfect with so many dishes to choose from. This could be a reason why Indian restaurants are often fully booked in the evenings. And when you consider the fact this is the scenario not just in India but wherever Indian restaurants exist, this is quite an amazing success story.

If you are trying Indian food for the first time, it is better to take some friends with you who are familiar with the menu, since at first glance it might make you stare at it in confusion. Similarly, if you are planning for a take-away party with just family and close friends no other food can bring the feeling of coziness and homely atmosphere as much as Indian cuisine but make sure you ask everyone what dishes they like best before you order. The spices and heat can enhance the warmth of close-knit relationships or, if you get it wrong, might also break them apart! And if your intention is to have a change from your usual items, nothing could be more exotic than an Indian menu, but still make the effort to find out what it is you are ordering first.

It is quite easy to find an Indian restaurant now in your locality, whether you are in the UK, USA or Australia. Most of the restaurants have their own websites that you’ll find by just using a search engine to find an Indian cuisine in your locality. Even better, you could provide your area code or name in a directory website, and it will display before you hundreds of restaurants in your locality that you didn’t even know about. Some of them might even provide bonus points which you can accumulate by becoming a regular and saving up for a free meal or discount offer.

The best way to enjoy the Indian menu is to visit an Indian restaurant and enjoy your food in the ambience that proclaims the Indianness of the place with music and decorations. You’ll find attendants there who are always happy to explain what each dish is made of and why it is so special. Just step into an Indian restaurant and we hope you will get an unforgettable experience of dining out, with great food, fabulous surroundings and first class service.

Best Restaurants in India – Pan Asian Food

There are a number of restaurants in India that serve Pan Asian food. Pan Asian food actually refers to a diverse flavor that is a combination of Chinese, Thai and Japanese food. Simply this shall be explained as a pure combination of different Asian cuisines. Within no time this cuisine style gained greater popularity in India. Some of the famous restaurants serving Pan Asian food are described in this article.

• All Stir Fry: This is a famous restaurant in Mumbai that serves Pan Asian cuisine. This restaurant is located inside the Gordon House Hotel, Battery Street in Mumbai. The main service is provided with the Mongolian and Chinese foods. This restaurant also has an attached bar inside.

• China Valley: This is a famous restaurant in Mumbai which serves Pan Asian foods. Japanese, Chinese and Cantonese foods are generally served for the food lovers. This famous restaurant is located in the Kopari Village next to the Hiranandani Gardens in Mumbai. The ambience and the taste if food served invites more and more people towards the restaurant.

• Bamboo Shoot: As the name indicates the restaurant also has some specialty in the arrangement and ambience provided. This restaurant also has a strong relation with the Bamboo in the form of furniture and other accessories. Thai and Chinese flavors are fully spread over and the food is also mouthwatering. This famous restaurant is located in the Mangal Bhavna junction of Khar Pali road in Mumbai. This is also famous among the Gurgaon restaurants.

• Golden Orchid: This famous Pan Asian restaurant is located in the Waterfield Road in Bandra near Mumbai. Thai and Chinese cuisine foods are served here. Some of the special snacks like Chinese spring rolls veg and non-veg have made the restaurant so popular. Alcohol servings are also available for the interested people.

• Lemon Grass: This is a famous restaurant serving Asian food that has many outlets in different parts of India. This is also a famous restaurant that is well known for the good service provided. South East Asian foods are generally served here. Within no time this restaurant has become the favorite restaurants of many people in India.

• Thai Chi Express: This is another famous Pan Asian restaurant in the region of Mumbai. This restaurant is located in the Meera Complex which is near the Oshiwara Police Station, Oshiwara. As the name indicates this is an excellent place to have Thai food along with other items from the Chinese and Mongolian cuisines.

• Beijing Garden: This is a very famous restaurant in Delhi which is popular for the tasty and mouthwatering exotic dishes from the Pan Asian cuisine. Thai, Chinese and Indonesian foods are the favorite delicacies of the diners coming to the restaurant from different regions. The environment is also relaxing and highly pleasing. The interior décor and the settings are done in such a way as to please customers with different interests and visions. There is also alcohol serving provided for the people who wish to have something hot.

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