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Indian Food Information – 6 FACTS & MYTHS


One of the wonderful features of Indian cuisine is the multiple choices that exist. India is a country with a great deal of diversity of soils, weather, and occupations. The staple foods vary according to the different regions of the country. 

Generally, when someone gets Indian food information, all they hear is spicy!!

Indian food is actually known for the large number of spices that are included in their food. These are cardamom, coriander, garlic, ginger, turmeric, and cumin. These whole spices are then powdered together to create the magic ingredient for all foods which is known as  garam masala that is often used in Indian cuisine.

There are various factors that influence the preparation . Even today, Indian food information continues to evolve as a result of the country continuing to adopt new ideas from various societies.

In general people in India consume fruits, legumes, fruits, eggs, fishes, meat, f grains, and vegetables. Indian cooking is influenced by an eight thousand year history of multiple cultures interacting with the Indian landmass, resulting in diversity of flavours and regional cuisines found in modern India. Later, trade with British and Portuguese influence supplemental to the already various Indian cooking. One of the greatest influences on Indian’s cuisine occurred in the second century B.C. The powerful & turned benevolent Emperor Ashoka of that ancient time popularized a vegetarian cuisine.

Indian preparation is as numerous as its individuals and geographics. Most Indian preparation area units are connected by similar usage of spices. Usually Indian cookery is distinguished by the employment of a bigger kind of vegetables than several different acknowledged preparations. Among these recognizable similarities, there’s a massive kind of native vogue. During this section we have a tendency to monumental kind of native vogue. During this section we have a tendency to introduce you to the various strokes of an Indian preparation.

India is a country that has been heavily influenced by foreign invasions, trade and colonial occupation throughout its long history. All of those factors were potent in introducing new foods to the Indian folks. For instance, the Portuguese folks brought the potato to the country an extended time ago. They additionally introduced chilies and breadfruit. Indian cooking is truly liable for the burgeoning of trade between India and Europe. On the supposed “Spice Route” they sent spices from India to places throughout Europe and far off Asia.

Because India is such a big country. The food in Northern India appears nothing just like the food in Southern India. One in all the most important variations is that within the north they like atta or wheat dishes over the rice that the southern Indians fancy. Their desserts also are totally different. In most cases, however, Indians are very adaptable in their choices and they often eat food dishes originating from all over the country. 

Here are 6 interesting facts and myths of the Indian food information available to the mass

People cook from scratch a LOT – FACT

In Indian households, making breads like roti or paratha from scratch for an everyday lunch or dinner is a common phenomenon and Indians are fast at it.

Fast food is popular and is localized to a degree that will blow your mind – FACT

Land of Spices – FACT

No other country in the world produces as many types of spices as India does and hence the name.

Indian Food is HOT – MYTH

Indian food in India is quite mild and healthy. do not however mistake mild for no flavor.

Indian Food is  SPICY – MYTH

In general, most people relate the word spicy with hot which in this case is not true. In India a variety of spices are used to cook flavorful food which can be made less or more hot depending on personal preference.


Most of the Indian food recipes can be cooked in less than an hour. The secret lies in the type and amount of spices to be used in the food. The actual cooking is very simple and can be masters easily.

According to the Indian food information available, in recent times, Indian food dishes have gained a huge fan following around the world solely due to their extraordinary taste.

So what are you waiting for? Go try out some Indian food now. Check out our articles to see how you can master Indian cooking like a PRO and Cooking Indian Food – How to Get Started with 3 basic steps.

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