Best Indian Restaurants – Top 7 That you Must Visit

Indian people are very attached to their cuisine. They find immense joy when a plate of delicious food is in front of them. Food for them is not just to satisfy their palate but also their emotions. For this reason, some of the best Indian restaurants can not only be found inside the country but also abroad. Indian food has its strong presence across most of the countries like the UK, USA, Japan, Thailand, Germany, etc.

Indian food has a strong history of origin. The food is ready in sterling style and taste. The food is extremely rich in spices and flavor. The wide range of items available in an Indian menu ranges from savory to sweet and spicy to sour and bitter as well. Moreover, Indian food is distinct in all respects from the food that Western countries consume. This very reason is why you can now find some of the best Indian restaurants taking domination all over the world. 

When a person is trying Indian food for the first time, he is sure to be overwhelmed by the choices and the flavors available for selection. For this reason, it is necessary that no matter which part of the globe you are in, make sure to go to the best Indian restaurants near you.

Let’s browse through some Best Indian Restaurants serving Indian food in India and abroad.

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Hotel Shadab, Hyderabad

For those looking to sample a sterling bite of Hyderabadi fare, Hotel Shadab is the place to go. Its main staple is the beloved common dish of biryani, a delectable layered mixture of rice and curry – usually meat, though vegetarian versions of the dish can be found here as well. The place is often packed up with families, sharing a cordial feast.

Bukhara, New Delhi

One of India’s topmost culinary lights since its founding in 1977, Bukhara, located within the ITC Maurya Hotel, serves cuisine inspired by the rugged Northwest frontier. Chef JP Singh cooks hearty, meat-heavy fare that’s taken by hand with flaky paratha bread. Within its dark, rustic dining room, foodies will experience a uniquely Indian version of fine dining.

Kutir, Chelsea, London

London is full of Indian restaurants as people there love Indian food. Amongst these crowds, however, Kutir remains a favorite. Their delectable Shammi kebabs and chur paratha are everything that North Indian cuisine stands for. Their menu consists of other gorgeous additions like squid ink and quail naan.

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Shree Thaker Bhojanalay, Mumbai

Hidden away in a twisting quarter of old Mumbai, Shree Thaker Bhojanalay is the undisputed champion of Gujarati thali. Thali, or a platter of small dishes served in a series of bowls and complemented by various chutneys and breads, is an incredible way to sample several offerings in one go; given its Gujarati culinary heritage, diners here can expect dishes like flatbread, chickpea flour kaporas with yogurt, and shaak (vegetables cooked in gravy), all washed down with a glass or few of chaas (buttermilk).

The Song of India, Singapore

When you climb the stairs leading to this beautiful bungalow and see the restaurant for the first time, you are bound to get overwhelmed by its warmth and loveliness. This restaurant has a sophisticated vibe and their menu also sings the same song. 

Ballygunge Place, Kolkata, India

Bengalis love to gorge on delicious foods. 6 Ballygunge place is a very well-known restaurant that serves traditional Bengali food. The food served here is authentic and delicious. The restaurant has a very vintage feel to its interiors. Their menu is full of iconic and age-old dishes like daab chingri (tender prawns cooked inside a coconut), ilish bhapa (steamed Hilsa), mutton dakbanglo (spicy mutton curry) and so much more. The dessert selection is also huge.

Tulsi, Newyork

Tulsi is a place where every Indian food lover should head to. The interiors are neutral-toned thereby inducing a sense of calmness over the diners. Sophisticated service and a menu different from its competitors, Tulsi is one of the best Indian restaurants in Newyork.

This list of Best Indian Restaurants in India and abroad will take the foodies into a world of authenticity and it will give you a flavor of happiness!

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