National Sweet of India – The Awesome ‘Jalebi’

National Sweet of India

Indians, no matter where in the world they are residing, take their food very seriously. And when it comes to sweet Indian dishes, they take their food even more seriously. One of the very famous quotes in Hindi (the National language of India) is ‘Kuch meetha ho jaaye?”, which means let’s have something sweet. Almost all Indians have a sweet tooth & India is full of traditional and delectable sweet dishes which are easy to make and use simple ingredients.

Given the diversity of this country, it’s no surprise that sweet dishes in every single region are different from the rest. Whether it is in shape, in a combination of ingredients, in texture, or in color, every sweet dish surpasses the others. The variety of sweet dishes in India will make you crave different sweet dishes in different moods. For this reason, giving the tag of the ‘National sweet of India’ is not only difficult but also contended by a lot of competitors.

In the end, however, the tag of being the national sweet of India is given to none other than the king of sweets, ‘the majestic ‘Jalebi’. Jalebithe bright orange vortex of happiness is also known as jilapi, zalapia, and zulbia all over the country. The crispy crunchy hot spiral exterior melts as you put it in your mouth into a soggy sweet delicious mess. The versatility of jalebi is what makes it so famous and distinct from the others. You can have it with a cup of tea or dip it in a delicious bowl of rabri. 

National Sweet Of India

Jalebis are fried munchies made of batter shaped out in small funneled discs & then deep fried in oil or ghee until they are crisp orange in color. The jalebis are then dipped into a sugar syrup ‘chasni’ which is prepared using water and sugar which gives a layer of agglutinate sugar and provides sweetness to the fried jalebi funnels. The batter mix differs according to what the residents of a region prefer. It might be a heavy besan batter, a simple mashed lentil batter, or even a plain flour batter. The sugar syrup can also be plain or a rich sophisticated one that is flavored with loads of spices like elaichi (cardamom) and saffron. No matter what the ingredients are, it is hard to resist a plate full of bright orange deliciousness.

The massive fan following of this sweet has ensured that jalebi is a staple for every Indian occasion. They are a must-have in every Indian occasion be it a wedding or childbirth. On National holidays like Republic Day or Independence day in India, jalebis are distributed all over the country. Every sacred puja like Durga puja or Diwali or Eid includes a serving of jalebis for all. 

National Sweet Of India

Although jalebis are loved by all, there are still reservations that come up from time to time. Other delicious and famous contenders that are loved equally by Indians are Rasgulla, Rabri, Barfi, Laddoo, Mishti Doi, Gujiya & Model, and many others. 

So why is Jalebi crowned as the national sweet of India? Let’s find out.

  • Versatility

Jalebis go with everything. Have it with a cup of tea, with a bowl of rabri, with your lunch/dinner, or as an evening snack. Any time of the day can be ‘Jalebi time’.

  • Available Everywhere

Be it in the roadside stalls, in posh restaurants, local sweet shops, or at any Indian household, Jalebis are ubiquitous. 

National Sweet of India

  • Indians Occasions are incomplete without Jalebi

Any occasion is incomplete without Jalebi. Such is the tradition and culture in India.

  • Can cure Headaches

In some parts of India, Jalebis are taken with warm haldi milk to cure headaches and cold. Jalebis made of pure desi ghee can also cure migraines and stress-related issues.

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