5 OF The Most Delectable Indian Curries that never fail to impress

Indian curries

Indian curries are, with no doubt, a famous part of cuisine to be found almost everywhere around the world. 

They are popular for their great taste and a wide variety. It is no wonder then to find restaurants and other forms of eateries specializing in Indian food. Indian cuisine is not complete without Indian curries. The word curry is synonymous with Indian cuisine. Apart from the variety and great taste of these curries, they also have tantalizing colors that are appealing to the eye.

Indian Curry Recipes comprise a vast variety of foods which has a gravy base. Vegetable curries include a huge range of dishes like chole masala, Mattar paneer, vegetable korma, and many others. Both Indian curries and gravies are the ones that are responsible for providing a rich and spicy flavor to any Indian food dish

India is a vast country. Every region, every state, has its cuisine, family preferences, and even religious practices. These food differences also reflect on their curry recipes and have strong variations like South Indian gravy, West Indian gravy, etc.

Indian Curries 2

Many people think that curries in India are always spicy. This is not the case. Some Indian curries have sour flavors, and even sweet in some cases. It is not true that curry powder is the only ingredient of curry recipes in India. There are other ingredients like pepper, chilies, and others. 

Generally, Indian gravies are thicker than other gravies made all over the world. This is because traditional items like onions, green and red chilies, coriander and other seeds, tomatoes, and many other common food items are added to the gravy. In many gravies, nuts like almonds and cashews are also added to get that rich taste. Some other common ingredients added to different curries are yogurt (Dahi) and cream (malai) to make the gravy creamy and tasty.

The spice and flavor of curries in India are also due to the use of various other commonly used ingredients like adrak (ginger), lahsun (garlic), imli (tamarind), curry leaves, and spices like jeera (cumin), sorshe (mustard), methi (fenugreek), saunf (fennel) to name some.

Curries are a significant and intrinsic part of any Indian meals & accompany cooked rice or Indian bread. 

Let’s browse through the 5 most delicious and popular Indian curries that are impressive enough to win your heart.

Goan Prawn Curry (Goa)
Indian Curries 3

Goa, due to its coastal location is famous for fresh fish curries. These curries contain a special ingredient called toddy vinegar which is vinegar made with milk taken from fresh coconuts and that browns with age. This delectable dish is made with sea fresh prawns and requires a lot of coconut milk, and tamarind for the sour taste.

Laal Maas Curry (Rajasthan)
Indian Curries 4

A Rajasthani delicacy, Laal Maas (Lamb curry) is renowned all over the world due to its smoky flavor and lip-smacking taste. The smoking process is done by placing the dish on top of burning coals and by letting it simmer for 15 min during which the smoke infuses in the meat. It is a hot and spicy dish defined by bright red color which is due to the dry grounded Rajasthani red pepper powder. Another special ingredient known as kachri (a type of cucumber grown in Rajasthan) powder is also added to this dish.

Kohlapuri Chicken Curry (Maharashtra)
Indian Curries 5

This is a rich dish from Kolhapur which is in the Western region of Maharashtra. This dish contains a distinctly Maharashtrian flavor & spices along with two special ingredients, namely; sesame and poppy seed toasted & grounded. This tasty dish is a world favorite.

Bengali Shukto ( Mixed vegetable curry)
Indian Curries 6

Bongs (people originating from West Bengal, India) consider Shukto as an extremely special vegetarian dish and have it only on special occasions like marriages. This is a mixed vegetarian dish consisting of several locally available vegetables like bitter gourd, potatoes, brinjals, green bananas, mishti (sweet) potatoes, sojne (drumsticks), radish, and any other vegetable that they prefer to add. Although every ingredient is common however one special spice known as ‘Radhuni’ is used which brings out the flavor of the vegetables even more.

Kadhai Paneer (Punjab)
Indian Curries 7

White cubed Paneer with a mix of masalas consisting of roughly chopped onions, capsicums with a thick curry together become something unforgettable when someone eats it. ORiginating in Punjab, India, kadhai paneer is generally consumed with hot buttery naans (Indian bread) or hot white rice. 

A wholesome and complete Indian meal generally consists of curry, a sabzi, lentil (dal), rice or roti, and salad. 

So what are you waiting for? Try cooking some of these delicious Indian curries now !!!

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