5 most amazing Gujarati Food Dishes you can treat your taste buds with.

Gujarati Food

Gujarati food originates from Gujarat, one of the western states in India. Although there is a wide range of seafood available in Gujarat however, this state is predominantly vegetarian due to the influence of Jain culture. There are of course communities that include non-vegetarian food items in their diet like meat and eggs, but the majority of the most popular Gujarati dishes are vegetarian. 

Gujarati food is not only mouth watering and lip smacking but also high in nutrition value. Different ways of cooking styles and combination of spices are incorporated in preparing different dishes marking the uniqueness of each. 

Majority of us associate Gujarati food with khakhra or dhokla or maybe the famous Gujarati thali. However, their cuisine is much more than that. Each of the major regions in Gujarat namely Surti Gujarat, Kathiyawad, Kacch & North Gujarat bring their own unique eccentricities in the food consumed.

Traditionally a Gujarati thali comprises roti, kadhi , dal, rice, and shak , sabzi. Some of the food here is stir fried, while others are boiled. Gujrati thali is more often served on a silver platter. Gujrati dishes use a combination of spices to flavor their meals which is different from other regions in India. This is what makes their food different and exotic. 

People in Gujarat generally eat one type of curry along with rice, roti in almost every meal. Most of the food here is sweet while others have a larger concentration of sugar as compared to salt and spices. Sometimes jaggery can be used as an alternative to sugar. The Gujarati food dishes are popular not only outside the Gujarati diaspora but also beyond the national boundary. 

A typical Gujarati thali that is served as lunch or dinner in both households & restaurants consists of a number of types of Gujarati food items arranged on a plate. The platter usually consists of roti that is homemade bread, rice, a shak/sabzi, that is a sweet and spicy food prepared out of varied combinations of vegetables and spices; and either dal kadhi a thick gravy made of chickpea flour, yogurt and vegetable fritters known as pakoras. While the daily meal of the Gujaratis prepared in households which they often refer as dal , bhaat , roti, shaak remains simple special purpose or festivals witness dozens of items including a variety of farsans and mithais or sweet dishes adhering strictly to the dietary rules regarding combinations of items to be served.

Let’s now look at 5 most popular Gujarati food you absolutely cannot miss.

Gujarati Food 2

A steamed snack which is very popular in India, Khaman is made from boiled and grounded lentils mixed with chickpea flour. This dish is very similar to the world famous Dhokla. To prepare this dish, the flour is mixed with turmeric powder , baking soda and salt and then boiled to make it more fluffy & soft. After this, it is cut into cubes. The garnishing is done using coriander leaves, onions, & mustard seeds. Khaman is then served with a sweet chutney and green chillies.

Gujarati Food 3

Khandvi is a delicious evening snack in which thin layers of gram flour are cooked inside buttermilk and then rolled up into soft enticing goodness. They are seasoned with sesame seeds sauted along with a specific selection of spices. Garnishing is done using ingredients like curry & coriander leaves, roasted cumin, coconut and mustard. Khandvi is simply irresistible and is also known as ‘suralichya vadya’ in the state of Maharashtra. 

Gujarati Food 4

Kadhi is a distinct and traditional dish made with sour curd which is thickened using gram flour and made sweet using sugar or most commonly jaggery. A Gujarati thali is incomplete without kadhi. The texture of this Indian curry is soup-like and it tastes sweet and spicy. It can be improved using pakoras. It is a staple food of Gujarat and can be used as a cooling food during summers.

Murghanu Shaak – For non-vegetarians out there
Gujarati Food 5

Murghanu Shaak is one of the non-vegetarians dishes of Gujarat that celebrates authenticity of Gujarati flavors. This dish is a tangy and sweet chicken dish cooked with potatoes, drumsticks and Gujarati masalas. Marinated in yogurt and then cooked in a thick  gravy of onions, ginger and other vegetables you want to add. 

Ghari – A sweet dish
Gujarati Food 6

A sweet dish in Gujarat, surati Ghati is mainly made and consumed by the masses during the festival of Chandani Padva. Approximately 100000 kg of this dish is consumed by Suratis during the festival which gives an idea about its popularity. Ghari is cooked using common ingredients like ghee, milk and puri batter which is then stuffed with sweets and nuts. This is then folded into round shapes before consumption.

With a cuisine so diverse yet so popular, it is no wonder that Gujarati food dishes enjoy a very high rating in the culinary world!!!

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