4 Best Indian Chicken Curries That will BLOW Your Mind

Indian Chicken Curries

If comfort food for you is a chicken curry & rice then you’ll know the importance that it holds among millions of people in India. Whether it is Kadai chicken, butter chicken, home-made chicken korma, chicken tikka masala &/or chicken gravy recipe, each of these dishes is unique & caters to different taste buds. Succulent and delicious pieces of chicken simmering in a spicy gravy sends off a delightful aroma that just cannot be ignored. 

Indian chicken curries are the ultimate crowd-pleaser & an absolute must-have on an Indian party menu. There are various flavors of Indian chicken curries from different regions. The great ‘Indian Kari’, which is known from the word for sauce in Tamil, is also known to have originated sometime during the ancient Indus civilization in India. After that, it has traveled beyond boundaries & created many fans across the world. And British people love affairs with ‘curry’ is no secret, chicken tikka masala is the most famous restaurant meal in England.

A normal Indian chicken curry consists of chicken stewed in a tomato & onion-based sauce, this curry is generally flavored with chili peppers, ginger tomato puree & a spread of spices, also including cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, & coriander. Outside of South Asia, chicken curry is generally made with a spice mixture for flavoring. Indian cuisine has different regional variations, and hence there exists so many variations on this chicken curry recipe.

Indian chicken curry generally start with a spice that is heated in oil. A sauce is then made with ginger, onions, tomatoes & powdered spices. Chicken pieces are then added to the gravy & simmered until it is cooked. In South Indian cuisine, coconut & curry leaves also are very common ingredients. Chicken curries are typically garnished with coriander leaves & served with roti & rice. 

The Indian chicken curries have a lot of flavors as you walk across different regions. It is also a bold base that it adds depth & interest to any dish. Brilliantly buttery, tangy, creamy every state has a different version of chicken curries. Everyone loves the versatility of Indian curries. In Northern & Eastern India, you’ll be served a hearty curry bursting with garam masala & other spices along with crispy naans. As you go towards western India, warm notes of poppy seeds, khada masalas & cardamom dominate the dish that sits on top of steaming rice. In Southern India, it comes with a soothing coconut concoction with coconut milk.

The cooking style of different chicken curries also differ as per local tastes. For example, ghee or vegetable oil is used in North India & coconut oil lends its unique flavor to South Indian curries. Mustard oil is used mainly in the East whereas the West is known for using groundnut or sesame oil.

Indian Chicken Curries 2

Here are 4 most delectable chicken curries that will blow your mind:

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka masala is a thick curry-based chicken dish, where the curry contains a host of flavors from the addition of homemade curd along with other spices. Generally paired with naan (Indian bread) or chapati, this one is a crowd favorite.

Butter Chicken

This one is a favorite with people all over India and abroad. Butter chicken consists of boneless pieces of chicken marinated overnight with a special spice mixture. The marinated chicken is then cooked in a thick paste of tomatoes, heavy cream, spices and to top it all, dollops of butter.

Chicken Do Pyaaza

This is another famous Chicken recipe that is characterized by the use of a huge quantity of onions for added flavor. Originating in Punjab, this dish contains special spices like ginger, garlic, methi leaves, homemade garam masala, and many more. 

Kolhapuri Chicken Curry 

Kolhapuri cuisine is known to be feisty & full of flavor. This dish is a chicken curry which is cooked with Indian spices along with a special chicken masala used in Kolhapur. The masala contains strong flavors of pepper, cloves, and another uncommon ingredient which is peanut oil. Grated coconut is also added to give it a distinct flavor.

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