6 Best Hot Spicy Indian Food Dishes to Blow Your Mind

Spicy Indian Food

Indians are known for their love of fiery hot spicy food. They can’t seem to stop ourselves from digging deeper into it, no matter how hard we huff, cough, pant, and sweat. Spices are an important component of spicy Indian food. Spices help with digestion and have anti-inflammatory effects, in addition to being aromatic and flavorful.

Indian dishes are notorious for being a bit too spicy, and several states in the world are renowned for their use of huge amounts of chilies in their dishes. It’s a struggle but that doesn’t stop us from eating more of these fiery, hot dishes! ‘Spicy’ refers to food that has been flavored with spices. Almost all savory Indian food is spicy’ in this situation, as it is fried with at least one spice! Most people, though, associate “spicy” and “chili hot” in the same way. 

Spicy Indian Food

Unfortunately, Indian cuisine has a poor reputation when it comes to spice and chili. Good Indian cuisine, on the other hand, is a delicate mix of flavors (salty, sweet, sour, bitter, hot) and textures, with no excessive amounts of something, even chili. Chilies are not used in all Indian dishes, even though they are used in most savory Indian cuisine. Some, especially those from South India, are also peppered. Each adds a distinct level of heat to the dish to which it is applied.

Dry red chilies, fresh green chilies, and red chili powder are all distinct in terms of potency and heat. Chili plays a big role in the taste of certain dishes. Rasam (pepper water), Vindaloo, and Sorpatel are some examples of spicy Indian food; if you don’t like the heat, the only remedy is to use less chili. There are always ways to reduce the heat in a dish if you accidentally added too much chili! Stir in the coconut milk and reheat, or add the potatoes and boil until they are tender (potatoes will absorb some of the chilies). 

Here are six highly spicy Indian food dishes that you can try at least once.

Spicy Indian Food

Rista is a spicy lamb meatball curry with a unique flavor and fragrance, made with red chilly powder and other spices. On a big flat solid wood frame, the meat for this dish is hand-pounded with giant wooden hammers. The flavor of fennel seeds distinguishes it from other red curries of a similar appearance. With butter naan and cumin rice, this delectable culinary treat is best enjoyed. Exceptionally delicious! 

Andhra Chili Chicken 

The people of Andhra Pradesh know how to honor a name. Chilli is written all over this recipe. The chicken is killed by force-feeding it green chilies before marinating and simmering it in green chili paste. One of the best spicy Indian foods loved by all in the country, this chicken dish will blow your mind.

 Saoji Chicken Curry
Spicy Indian Food

This delectable treat hails from Nagpur, Maharashtra, which is one of India’s hottest cities. Their cuisine, which has its origins in Nagpur’s Saoji village, is also known as “Saoji Waradi.” Saoji Chicken Curry is made with a variety of the spiciest ingredients, including whole ground garam masala and dried red chilies. Poppy seeds, ground coconut, black pepper, dried coriander, bay leaves, grey cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and other spices are also used in the recipe. The spices are sautéed, and the chicken is fried with chicken stock before being eaten with rice. Mutton can also be used to make this spicy dish.

Laal Maas

To start with, the name sounds lethal, doesn’t it? Laal maas is the only non-vegetarian dish that stands out in Rajasthan, which is known for its vegetarian cuisine (red meat). If you’re a non-vegetarian who wants to put your taste buds to the test, this fiery dish is a must-try! It’s a thick/semi-gravy mutton curry made with curd and spicy spices like red pepper flakes. The deep red color and spicy flavor come from a special chili called the Mathania red chili, which is grown in Jodhpur’s Mathania district. 

Spicy Indian Food

Vindaloo is a common and well-known dish from the Maharashtrian state of Goa. Pork skin, hot chili peppers, plenty of garlic, vinegar, and several spices are commonly used in this tingly, flavorful curry. Every bite of Vindaloo satisfies your taste buds while still leaving you wanting more. Before you dive into this mouth-watering spicy curry, remember to prepare yourself for the effect! 


The heat level of this iconic roadside delicacy, which is primarily made up of a mixture of the spiciest dry red chilies, green chilies, and black pepper powder, can range from mild to extremely hot. But in any case, it is delicious.

Regardless of how linguistically or culturally diverse India’s different states are, spicy cooking appears to be a popular option. Food lovers should try these spicy, hot dishes, although with many glasses of water and some sweet.

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