The mouth-watering 8 Best West Indian food

The west Indian food has the following states: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan & Goa.

In these states, the food varies based on the climate, history & geographic particulars of each region. For example, Rajasthan & Gujarat have very hot, dry climates, so it is clear that the smaller variety of vegetables available are preserved as pickles and chutneys. Goa has one of the major ports known for trade & was colonized by Portugal, so it is known for beef, port & vinegar, which are all generally Portuguese influenced ingredients.

This region has the most diverse styles of Indian food. Rajasthani food is very spicy with largely vegetarian but includes many delicious meat dishes like laal maas (red meat curry) while Gujarat’s cuisine is known for its slight sweet touch of sugar is added to most dishes and is traditionally entirely vegetarian.

These states in India are mostly Hindu and they are mostly vegetarian. Some parts of Maharashtra are coastal while some are arid. For this reason, the food varies according to the weather. In the West Indian food recipes, coconuts & peanuts are the most widely used ingredients. The state of Goa is well known for its coastal weather & and its trade ports. This is the reason why the West Indian foods available here are fresh fish and a whole lot of delicious seafood.

This area of the country historically had a Chinese influence, which has influenced the sweetness of the Indian cuisine. Thaali is the Gujarati style of eating & a meal can consist of as many as ten different vegetable dishes like rice, chapati & sweets . The Gujarati foodies love a snack & cook a huge variety of them. These are collectively known as Farsan.

In Maharashtra, coastal areas are popular for Malvani cuisine (fresh coconut based hot & sour curries with fish & seafood) while the interiors have the more frugal, Vidarbha cuisine which uses a lot of dry coconuts. Goan food is rich, piquant, and strongly flavored by coconut, red chilies, and vinegar.Here are some famous dishes of this region.

Some of the most popular West Indian foods you need to try are:

Vada pav 

A plate of hot vada pav is what might define the Mumbai cuisine. The fact that people agree that vada pav is not just another snack but a way of life in Mumbai city, clearly put it on a higher pedestal. A soft & spongy pav, stuffed with a golden fried spicy vada, laced in a mouth watering tamarind & coriander chutneys with a large sprinkle of masala, vada pav is a type of cuisine that truly blue heaven that would instantly fill you up for a long time.

Zunka bhakri

This is a traditional Maharashtrian dish, zunka bhakri is a sabzi made with besan flour. It is a flavourful mix of red chilli or turmeric and curry leaves, stirred in water together & cooked with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, ginger, garlic and chillies. Zunka bhakri is popularly cooked as a side dish or accompaniment to bajra roti.

Bombay Duck 

Contrary to what the name suggests, Bombay duck, or Bombil, is not really a duck, it is in fact a very fleshy fish only found in the waters around Mumbai. It generally has a special place in the hearts of all Parsis. This fish is so soft that it can fall apart very easily. Marinated in rice batter, turmeric or chilli powder & a tang of lime, Bombil is then deep fried to crisp.

Goan Fish Curry 

An easy and authentic Goan fish curry recipe that you can easily prepare at home in just about an hour. A flavourful blend of tamarind as with coconut along with rich spices & Kashmiri red chillies give Goan fish curry the mouth watering & aromatic taste that is sure to tantalise your taste buds. Pair this with already cooked rice for an amazing meal.


This is an Indian version of a dumpling which is made with chickpea flour, chilli powder, the Indian fenugreek, and turmeric powder. In certain areas, people also add oil and sugar to the mixture to make it more yummy. Muthia is either fried like momo’s or steamed in a steamer based on one’s preference.

Aluchya wadya 

A salty and savory dish, Aluchya wadya is a pure vegetarian dish that is part of the West Indian cuisine and mainly made by the people in Maharashtra. The main ingredients that are used in this recipe is very simple and is the same in mostly all regions. A mixture of different types of flours like gram and rice flour along with chopped colocasia leaves, tamarind and jaggery  is what forms the basic shape. Various spices are added and then eaten either by steaming the dumpling or even frying it.

Methi ka Thepla

Thepla is basically a flatbread which is made from fresh and beautiful fenugreek which is widely known as methi. A mixture is made from flour, ginger, garlic and spicy red chillies and coriander (dhaniya) leaves. Right amount of sugar and salt are added and the flour is kneaded with oil and yogurt.  It is then made into flat and round Indian rotis & cooked in a very high flame throughout.


A delicacy originating from the state of Maharashtra, Modak is a sweet dumpling that is a crowd favorite. Modak is also referred to as kozhukattai in Tamil & kudumu in Telugu.

Beliefs about these Indian foods, the various and different factors influencing food choices, generational shifts in eating habits & the various food traditions which are observed. On a general level, there is a deep research material on the effectiveness of existing patient education initiatives for West Indians on diabetes & diet. So, it is  clear that there is a need for research of this nature which will facilitate the development of good practice & ultimately good health outcomes for West Indians with diabetes.

Next time when you go to Indian Restaurants make sure to try the West Indian foods!

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