10 Of the Most Popular Indian Foods to try

Indian cuisine is one the most varied cuisines which not only is delicious but also extremely flavorful and has the richest aroma mainly due to the addition of the famous Indian spices. It is very difficult to quantify the popular Indian foods as this list includes an array of dishes.

India is always considered as one of the countries which are famous for its rich and nutritious food dishes. Every region has its cuisine that has been fine-tuned over thousands of years. The Indian subcontinent has more than 40 different types of cuisine ranging from sweet, salty to spicy and pungent dishes. 

Indian regions have availability of different types of vegetables and hence the vegetarian crowds have many options that they can choose from every day. India also has several coastal regions and hence different types of fishes are readily available as well. Meat-eating population can choose from chicken, mutton, and pork.

For the sake of simplicity, let us break down the food preferences into two regions: North Indian and South Indian.

North Indian Foods:

  • Lots of vegetarian dishes available.
  • Rotis and naans over rice.
  • Dishes are spicy and creamy and not fiery hot. 
  • Meat preferred over fish

South Indian Foods:

  • Curries and foods are hotter.
  • Rice is preferred over Indian bread.
  • Dishes include a lot of coconuts.
  • Fishes are more popular.

Let us now look at some of the most popular Indian foods that you can get enough of!


Popular Indian Foods 5

Long-grained rice with meat or vegetables slow-cooked in a covered oven with a lot of aromatic spices and special ingredients like nutmeg is what biriyani is all about. Delicious, aromatic, and flavorful this is one of the most loved dishes in India.

Popular Indian Foods 2

Dosa is a thin pancake in which the batter is made from rice powder lentils like urad and chana. Dosa is sometimes also stuffed with spicy veggies like potatoes and eaten as a snack accompanied by coconut chutney and sambar.

Choley Bhatura

Choley Bhatura is a popular Indian food that has won the hearts of food enthusiasts around the world. This delectable dish consists of two main components: “Choley,” which are spicy, chickpea-based curry, and “Bhatura,” which are deep-fried, fluffy bread. The dish is not only renowned for its mouthwatering flavors but also for its diverse regional variations. Whether you’re savoring it on the streets of Delhi or at a lavish restaurant in Mumbai, Choley Bhatura never fails to tantalize the taste buds with its rich, aromatic spices and satisfying textures. Its popularity stems from its ability to strike the perfect balance between savory and indulgent, making it a must-try for anyone exploring the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine.

Butter Chicken

Murgh Makhani ﴾butter chicken﴿ is one in all the highest orders at any Indian restaurant within the West and permanently reason—it is delicious. This sultry poultry dish tastes great with kali daal ﴾black lentils﴿, naan, and a tossed salad. If you have got a well‐stocked spice drawer, the sole pantry ingredient you’ll need is Kasuri methi ﴾dried fenugreek leaves﴿. Otherwise, this recipe implies common ingredients like vegetable oil, onion, garlic, ginger, butter, and tomato puree.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka masala is a yummy and popular Indian food with a thick, creamy gravy that is unforgettable after the first bite. A tomato-yogurt gravy is spiced with chili, garlic, ginger, and garam masala, the everywhere Indian spice blend. The chicken is marinated overnight, grilled, and then lightly cooked in a slightly smoky gravy. You will want to present this dish over basmati rice with warm naan bread for soaking up the sauce. For a quick variant, try making it in the Instant Pot.

Palak Paneer
Popular Indian Foods 3

One of the most common paneer recipes at Indian restaurants is palak paneer, a mildly flavored dish made with spinach and cottage cheese (the paneer), along with the typical Indian spices. Thanks to the big portions of spinach and fenugreek leaves included in the recipe, this dish takes on a deep green hue. The cubed paneers fried first, contributing a nice texture to the dish. Palak paneer gets even best when served with your favorite flatbread.

Aloo Paratha

An Indian flatbread stuffed with delicious spicy mashed potatoes is one the healthiest Indian meals that you can have. It satisfies your stomach as well as your taste buds. The potato filling is flavored with several ingredients like spices, curry powders, chilies, coriander leaves, and many other items like hing. It can be taken with white butter, ghee, or pickles.

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is a quintessential and popular Indian food item that showcases the intricate flavors and culinary artistry of Indian cuisine. Hailing from the region of Kashmir, Rogan Josh is a fragrant and vibrant curry known for its tender pieces of meat, typically lamb or goat, slow-cooked in a symphony of spices.

The name “Rogan Josh” translates to “red juice” in Persian, reflecting the deep, rich color of the curry. Its complex blend of spices, including saffron, cardamom, and dried ginger, creates a delightful harmony of flavors that leaves a lasting impression on the palate. Whether enjoyed in a traditional Kashmiri setting or at an Indian restaurant worldwide, Rogan Josh remains a beloved dish that captures the essence of Indian culinary excellence.

Popular Indian Foods 4

Naan is a beloved and popular Indian food that has made its mark on the global culinary stage. This soft and fluffy flatbread is a staple in Indian cuisine, known for its versatility and deliciousness. Baked in a tandoor oven, naan comes in various flavors and styles, including plain, garlic, butter, or stuffed with ingredients like cheese or minced meat.

Its slightly chewy texture and slightly charred exterior make it the perfect accompaniment to a wide range of Indian dishes, from creamy curries to tandoori preparations. Whether enjoyed as a simple side or used to scoop up delectable gravies, naan is a testament to the diverse and mouthwatering offerings of popular Indian food that have gained a dedicated following worldwide.

Gulab Jamun
Popular Indian Foods 6

An iconic and traditional sweet dish, Gulab jamun is considered to be one of the most popular Indian desserts. Made from khoya or kheer, gulab jamuns melt in the mouth and are delicious.

So what are you waiting for? Try your hand out in cooking one of these popular Indian foods now!

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