12 Delightful Tasty Indian Food Dishes that Tantalizes your Taste Buds

Tasty Indian Food

You may have traveled all over the world trying all kinds of food, but if you need your comfort cuisine, that’s when you realize that there is nothing like tasty Indian food dishes. Fragrant curries, spicy vegetables, biryani, and parathas, miraculously work to attract you to their magic. So be prepared to enter a land of rich aromas, flavors, and aromas of Indian cuisine. From paneer makhani to prawns of Kerala, from mutton rogan josh to Parsi eggs, every meal is a unique mix of spunky ingredients and different cooking techniques.

Indian regional diversity and culture reflect well on their cuisine and are probably the main reason why Indian food surpasses that of other countries. Each province of India has its unique pandora of flavors. Indian cuisine is an unmistakable blend of sweet and spicy! One of the main reasons for the multifariousness of food in India is its diversity. In north India, you will find people craving maakhan (butter) & paneer (cottage cheese) whereas people in the southern part of India love their curries and fishes.

Even the spices they use are their mixture and are made from scratch: paneer masala, panch phoron, garam masala, chicken tikka masala, and many more. Its abundant use of traditional spices such as ajwain, dalchini, cloves, black card, star anise, dhania, and tamarind, it’s medley of flavors, and most importantly its array of street foods like crisp pani puris, mind-blowing papdi chats, and hot aloo hot tikki, is what makes tasty Indian food outrank all other cuisines.

Today’s youth is enamoured with Western cuisine, oblivious to the fact that what grows locally in their own country is significantly more healthy. However, there is a growing trend of people returning to classic, tasty Indian food, which is fantastic. 

When you think of Indian food, what are the first things that spring to mind? Something hot, spicy, greasy, rich, fatty, complicated and time-consuming to prepare, containing curry powder and sugar, and requiring deep frying?

Any of the above may be said if the meal was poorly cooked or utilised incorrectly, and this is true of any cuisine! Despite its widespread popularity, the tasty Indian food is widely misunderstood. There aren’t enough lifetimes to explore and enjoy all of Indian cuisine’s wonders. Thousands of years of development and absorption have culminated in this magnificent achievement. Food, like everything else in India, has absorbed numerous influences from different cultures while yet managing to make them truly Indian. It’s exotic, healthful, nutritious, and occasionally complex, but always tasty.

Tasty Indian Food

The nutritional value of the tasty Indian food has always been great, and it provides you with all of the nutrients you require. Take, for example, besan, which is high in minerals and fibre. People are realising that traditional foods may help us get good nourishment, which makes us stronger from the inside out and strengthens our immune systems. 

Green leafy vegetables, dals, fruit, and salads should all be included in one’s regular diet, according to me. Look for unpolished dals, as they are unprocessed and have a higher nutritious value.

While every nation in the world has its own food culture and history, the Indians have a thinking in their hearts that they just cannot do without their favorites. After all, every occasion in this country be it religious, personal, or related to anything else, is not complete without a few signature & delicious tasty Indian food dishes.

Curries, mouth-burning spices, and complex taste combinations are all hallmarks of the tasty Indian food. The resulting flavour combinations are unlike anything else in the world, thanks to the usage of cardamom, cayenne, tamarind, and other spicy components. However, experts in India have recently found why Indian food is so delicious: the components have less overlapping flavours.

So, what is it about curry and other Indian meals that makes them so delectable? It all comes down to the variety of spices used in cooking the tasty Indian food and how they may tantalise your taste buds. We all know that Indian food has components like cardamom, tamarind, and a variety of other colourful spices, but what sets Indian food apart from other cuisines is the lesser number of overlapping flavours.

If you think deeply, the charisma of the tasty Indian food also boils down to food combinations and how different flavours interact. Fish and chips, or bangers and mash, for example, are commonly served together in England due to their comparable flavours. This very bland flavouring lacks the tang and zest of a good Indian dinner, so your taste buds will be surprised when you eventually decide to pamper them! Ingredients are commonly matched together in Western cuisines because they have similar taste.

Tasty Indian Food

An Indian cuisine, on the other hand, will often have seven components, with a variety of spices providing a taste palette bursting with colour and flavour. These components are absolutely distinct from one another (thus the lesser amount of overlapping flavours) and combine to create a flavour explosion unlike any other. Cayenne, green bell pepper, coriander, and garam masala are frequently combined with components that have no chemical similarities, yet each ingredient adds a distinct flavour to the finished dish. This results in delectable meals for a cuisine that employs around 200 of the world’s estimated 381 ingredients. 

The tasty Indian food is well-known for being both enticing and scary. As a result, despite the fact that there is a whole universe of cuisine waiting to be discovered within traditional Indian cuisines, many people are unwilling to try it because they believe it is all “curry” and “spicy.” In reality, all palates are represented, including spicy, sweet, hot, and sour.

There’s a lot to like about the Indian culinary experience. The tastes might be overwhelming, especially if you’re cooking from scratch. These aren’t the same tastes you may have learned to cook with as a child, such as basil, salt, and pepper, and a bit of rosemary. 

What I like about Indian food is that you can experiment with so many different combinations; there are so many possibilities. It blends foundations from many sorts of cuisine and amps up the flavour. Traditionally in cooking the tasty Indian food, there are roughly 30 or so spices used, and each taste has a specific reason for being present. Many of the motivations stem from the desire to improve one’s health, lifespan, and vitality.

So, let’s now see 12 of the most exhilarating and tasty Indian food dishes that are enjoyed throughout the world.

Rogan Josh
Tasty Indian Food

The dish originated from Kashmir, and its name translates to “red lamb.” The deep red color comes from the application of the dry red chili pepper of Kashmir. Fiery, hot, and creamy, this rich mutton curry is one of the signature dishes of India. The list of spices for this recipe is quite long, but a trip to your local food market should set you up well. Spices such as cardamom, cumin, turmeric, and garam masala are all an integral part of this dish.

Bhapaa Aloo

The Bengali bhapa aloo is one of the most comforting and loved tasty Indian food dishes mainly consisting of aloo (potato) dishes. Bhapaa is a Bengali word that means ‘steamed’ and this recipe is what the name signifies. Soft boiled potatoes are tossed into a mixture of local spice mixture consisting of panch phoron (five-spice powder), coconut paste, and mustard oil and then overheated to get the soft almost mashed texture. This is one of the vegetarian versions of the Bhapa Maach, a fish substitute for baby potatoes. Simple but satisfying, this is one of the tastiest Indian foods you can have!

Chole Masala
Tasty Indian Food

This classic and simple chickpea curry is a favorite in north India and has become a universal sensation. Ideal for the crowd, especially if you eat it hot and with a piece of Indian bread like poori or nun garnished with coriander leaves and loads of butter. The recipe is quite simple and once you have the onions, tomatoes & chickpeas, the ginger garlic paste along with the traditional Indian spices, will create this beautiful dish. 

Hyderabadi Biryani

An aromatic delicacy for foodies, Hyderabadi Biryani is a food from the south but is spread all over the country and even in other countries. Cooked in dum style, and layered with tender pieces of meat of your choice, fried onions & mint, this rice dish is served at dinner parties with cold raita prepared from curd and veggies.

Hilsa Fish Curry (Ilish Macher Jhol)

One of the most popular fish curries in Bengal is Hilsa Fish Curry. It’s made for exceptional events, such as feasts and celebrations. The salted hilsa fish is sliced and cooked with onion and garlic slices, ginger paste, turmeric, and red chilli powder in soybean oil. What is the most enjoyable aspect? When coated with salt, the hilsa fish may be stored for up to two years.

Dal Bati Churma

This Rajasthani signature dish will blow your senses. The delicious churma and the spicy exploding dal along with the deep-fried baati is one of the tasty Indian foods that will leave you longing for more. Baati is a solid bread made from ground wheat flour mixed with the hot spicy daal and the accompanying churma to add a sweet flavor to this dish. The next time you try this dish, add a little of that red chutney of garlic and thank me later.

Sarson ka saag with Makki ki Roti 

You can’t picture India without this meal, can you? It is mostly consumed in the Punjab area of India during the winter months. Sarson ka saag is created by boiling and then crushing mustard leaves and spinach. Makki ki roti is a corn flour bread baked on a tava (pan). It is one of the most tasty Indian foods that is also an essential component of the rural Indian diet.

Idli Vada or Idli Sambar 
Tasty Indian Food

Idli Vada is a famous South Indian dish that can be found anywhere from high-end restaurants to pushcart vendors. It originates in the state of Tamil Nadu. It comprises Idlis (rice cakes), Vadas (doughnuts or fritters), Sambar (a hot vegetable stew), and a mildly spicy coconut chutney. Idli Vadas are typically served for breakfast and are both light and satisfying.

Tunday kebab 

Tunday kebab is a typical Lucknow mutton dish. This kebab is extremely soft and melts quickly in the mouth. This type of kebab is thought to be made using around 150 spices, including sandalwood, mint, and ginger and garlic paste. This tasty Indian food is a delectable delicacy that accurately reflects the wealth of the Nawabs (kings) of Lucknow.


Thali is a meal that includes two or more curries, steaming rice, poppadoms, pickle, naan or chapati, buttermilk, raita, and a dessert dish, all served on a single plate. This lunch is ideal for sampling a variety of Indian cuisines all at once. Thali originated in North India, but it is now popular all throughout the nation, with the types of cuisine offered varying between North and South India. 

Spicy Curd Rice 

Curd rice is cooked with gently fried spices like mustard seed, cumin, coriander leaves, and asafoetida (a pungent spice that is beneficial for the stomach) and then topped with plain yoghurt (or curd). It acts as a cooling agent, both from the spice in South Indian cuisine and from the extreme Indian heat, which can make you unable to eat. It’s typically used to nurse upset tummies back to health, so it’s a good recommendation for tummy-troubled travellers.

Tasty Indian Food

Saving the best for the last! Yes, kheer is a traditional, delicious and creamy Indian dessert made at festivals and special events in almost every home in India. Delicious, simple, and easy to cook. Generally made with milk & rice and flavored with traditional Indian cardamoms, almonds & rose water, kheer is the most satisfying way to end an elaborate meal.

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