The #1 National Food of India – The Delicious ‘Khichdi’

National Food of India


Curious to know if the delectable ‘Khichdi’ holds the title of the National Food of India? Look no further! In this insightful article, we delve into the intriguing question surrounding India’s national culinary symbol. Embark on a journey of discovery as we unravel the history, cultural significance, and flavorsome essence of Khichdi.

Khichdi, a humble dish made from rice, lentils, and aromatic spices, has long been celebrated as a comfort food across India. But is it truly the National Food of India? Join us as we uncover the facts and delve into the fascinating debate surrounding this culinary delight.

There have been tons of disagreements concerning the national food of India. A bulk of Indians contemplate khichdi to be their national food. However, there are other well-liked foods like bhajiyas, jalebis, biryani, and golgappas that a substantial amount of Indians identify with.

Govt of India has not declared what the national food of the country is. India is one of the foremost countries within the world where the languages, cultures, foods, and religions are very mixed due to the cultural systems & the country’s cuisine is certainly diverse.

Indian cuisine consists of thousands of foods from different parts of India representing different cultures and traditions. Even though India as a country has multiple popular foods like khichdi, rice, biryani, daal, roti, and bhajiya, no food has been declared to be the national food.

The national food of any country should strongly be related to the country. There’s no particular food that’s related to Indians thanks to the range and variations within regions. Furthermore, all the people of the country should agree that a specific food is their national food.

In India, during a poll conducted, people voted for distinct foods which suggest that folks haven’t voted unanimously for a specific food. If one food is said to be the national food of India, other regions that don’t popularly eat that food will be overlooked. Different Indians have different opinions concerning what the national food of their country should be.

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Then why is it that even now some people argue that Khichdi should be selected to be the national food of India? The explanations for that are that khichdi may be a food recognized by an enormous number of Indians. It’s eaten by the rich and poor. People belonging to different socio-economic statuses enjoy the simple elegance of khichdi. The food is economical and may be eaten during their prayer and fasting seasons.

Better still khichdi is often eaten by victims of diabetes and lactose intolerance. Thanks to its popularity Khichdi has been considered a logo of national unity and variety. With these values, the food’s popularity remains at the highest among the popular foods in India. Biryani which is additionally well-liked in India features a Persian touch in it. It’s therefore not originally Indian. In their religious festivals, Bengalis offer Khichdi to goddess Durga. This shows how the food is religiously chief to the people.

Indian cuisine has numerous foods. The foods differ consistently with culture, religion, and class. Being among the foremost populous countries within the world, it might be difficult to declare a specific food as the national food. The country’s diversity has seen people of various regions and backgrounds prefer certain foods over the opposite. Despite having some foods that are eaten across the geographical boundaries of the country some foods are popular in certain terrain regions. Coastal regions have seafood as their primary food and places within the mountainous regions prefer meats. 

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Likewise, think about this; Hindi is spoken and perceived in India by nearly 90% of the population. However, it is considered as the official language of India and not as the national language of India. Additionally, a large part of the Indians practice Hinduism (as expressed in Wikipedia) yet at the same time, the Government has been savvy enough to not proclaim any religion as the national religion of India. If this is done, the results would be disastrous.

Therefore, we accept that the government has been liberal enough to declare ‘khichdi’ as the ‘Brand India food’ and not the ‘National food of India’. Moreover, despite being popular Khichdi is more of a well-liked food than the national food. This stresses the multicultural personality of India and hence it stands out from the rest of the world.


Our exploration of whether Khichdi holds the esteemed title of the National Food of India has shed light on the cultural significance and flavorsome appeal of this beloved dish. As you have read, Khichdi’s humble origins, regional variations, and presence in religious rituals make it a symbol of India’s diverse culinary heritage.

While the debate surrounding Khichdi’s status as the National Food of India continues, there’s no denying the widespread love and appreciation for this delicious dish. Its comforting flavors and nutritious ingredients have won the hearts and taste buds of millions.

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