5 Authentic Indian Fast Food

Indian Fast Food

India is a vast country with a diverse population & culture. This multifariousness is reflected not only in the traditions and customs but also in food. The Indian fast food scene is so vast and advanced that India most definitely would top the charts if compared to any other country. Every region of India, be it north, west, south, or east, has its specialty and variety when it comes to fast food. In India, the term terms fast foods and street foods are used synonymously.

Major global fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Pizza hut, KFC, Domino’s, etc. have hundreds of outlets all over India as in India the trend of dining out has increased a lot in the last few decades. However, fast foods originating in India, are one of a kind due to the assortment of spices used to make them. If you happen to be a die-hard fast food fan, if you cannot resist gorging on quick delights then India is the country to be. 

Many of the traditional Indian dishes have been fitted to suit the emerging Indian fast food outlets. The basic adaptation is to cut back the processing and serving time. For example, the ordinary meal which called for being served by an ever-alert attendant is now offered as a Mini-Meal across the counter. In its traditional version, a plate was first laid down on the table. Waiters then would be serving the food one by one. In the fast-food version, a plate already arranged with all the items is handed out across the counter against a prepaid coupon. The curries and bread vary on the region and local preferences. The higher value ones may add a sweet to the combination. 

Let us now look at some authentic Indian fast foods that are tantalizing to your taste buds and are enormously popular in the country.

Indian Fast Food

Samosa is a triangular-shaped deep-fried food. Its dough is prepared from white ajwain – managerial, flour, along with salt, and some red chili powder to give it flavor. It is usually filled with spiced potatoes and onion mixture and served along with sauces.

Pav Bhaji
Indian Fast Food

From Mumbai which is in Maharashtra, pav bhaji is one of the most famous Indian fast foods. Bhaji is a spicy curry-based dish consisting of various vegetables in a thick gravy style. It’s best served with Indian round bread called Pav. Pav is roasted with ghee or butter before serving.

Indian Fast Food

It is a deep-fried snack famous all over India and its neighboring countries too. The batter is made from mostly Besan (Black gram flour) and sometimes with boiled & crushed moong dal along with salt and spices according to an individual’s taste. In this batter, a mixture of vegetables like potato, onion, bottle gourd, brinjal, cauliflower are dipped and fried, then served hot with tomato sauce.

Kathi Rolls
Indian Fast Food

Kathi rolls are made with a captivating filling of kebabs (mashed meat and/or raw veggies) that is then stuffed into a flour-based thin Indian bread (paratha) which is both crispy and soft at the same time. Kathi rolls are famously found in the streets of several places like Kolkata, Punjab, and Delhi.

Ghugni Chaat
Indian Fast Food

There is no dearth of fast foods in India and ghugni chaat is a Bengali street food that will most definitely grab your attention due to its simplicity as well as its delicious aroma. Traditionally this delicacy is made by cooking matar ( peas) in a melange of spices and served with a whole lot of chilies, lemon juice, chopped onions, and coriander leaves!!!

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