6 Best Indian Food Restaurant which You MUST Visit

Indian Food Restaurant

Indian food is a huge amalgamation of culinary influences & traditions. The taste is also additionally heavily influenced by religion, especially cultural choices and traditions.

An exceptional growth within the industry of Indian food restaurants is observed within the last decade with millions being invested per annum. There are several factors to differentiate the businesses from each other. People’s taste preferences, inclination to experiment with offbeat cuisine, willingness to spend on dining outside, and the overall food and hospitality offered by the outlets.

The Indian Food Restaurant industry is constantly transforming and a vast one which not only restates the boom in business and also how our food habits are changing. From home-cooked meals to the ordering in culture, it’s all been instrumental in widening this market. There are many new restaurants, casual cafes, and chain outlets opening up almost hebdomadally in metros like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore in India.

The world is also falling in love with the colorful Indian food and hence Indian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines all over the world & India is not the only place which excels in it. Top-notch sophisticated Indian food restaurants which serve authentic and enticing Indian dishes are present globally that explore and experiment with Indian cuisine. 

The audience for any restaurant is directly attributed to the increasing number of youth who have an interest in new experiences. Another dominating factor is the rise in income which allows people to spend on luxuries like eating out. From zeroing in on the cuisine to deciding the décor theme and fixing up a menu, it all must be aligned with the consumer’s wants, needs, and desires and every single establishment spends thousands on appropriate market research.

India is a land of spices of aromas and multiple culinary cultures and hence India undoubtedly is a dream place to stay in and visit for a food lover. The size of the Indian subcontinent is an indication that there will be thousands of cuisines that are found here and each region is filled with restaurants that capture the beauty of Indian food.

Let us have a look at some of the finest Indian food restaurants in India and abroad that you must visit.

The Table, Mumbai, India
Indian Food Restaurant 2

Unusual menu, consistent output, and warm hospitality set The Table apart from many other eateries in Mumbai. Taking inspiration from recipes consumed globally and adding their modern quirky twists, the chefs here love experimenting. Signature dishes include succulent chicken wings, The special salad having farm-fresh ingredients, and their creamy delicious avocado toast. 

Karim’s, New Delhi, India

One of the finest establishments located in New Delhi is one of the oldest restaurants in India. Flawless traditional dishes ranging from kebabs to roasted baby goats, Karim’s serves fabulous foods and hence is a people favorite.

Apoorva’s Sangeetha, Chennai, India

One of the finest Indian food restaurants serving authentic south Indian foods, this eatery is highly recommended by the locals for their traditional renditions of south Indian food. They also serve North Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines. Apoorva’s are also famous for their cute mini tiffins which can be taken as breakfast, snacks, or even lunch. The signature dishes of these restaurants are their masala dosa, Dahi vada, and idli sambhar.

OH! Calcutta, Kolkata, India
Indian Food Restaurant 3

One of the flagship Bengali restaurants located in Kolkata, Oh Calcutta is the one that brought delicious traditional Bengali food to tables all over the country and abroad. Signature dishes include all Bengali delicacies like Daab chingri, shorshe ilish, mochar chop, kheer, rasgulla, and many others.

The Bombay Bread Bar, NY, USA

Indian food restaurants are becoming more and more popular outside the country as well. The Bombay Bread Bar located in New York is mostly known for its delicious cocktails and small dishes like chaat ( Indian fast food) made with potato & apples, Kejriwal toast made with coconut chutney, and many others. The signature creations of this establishment are their bread. From cheese naans to laccha parathas to tandoori rotis, if you are a bread lover then this place will not let you down.

Gaggan, Bangkok, Thailand
Indian Food Restaurant 4

Gaggan in Bangkok has been crowned as the best Indian food restaurant in Asia. Adding ‘progressive’ ingredients to traditional Indian recipes, the dishes here are exciting and have bizarre fusions of texture and food items that will blow your senses.

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