5 Enticing Indian Street Food Dishes to Treat Yourself

Indian Street Food

Street food in any place helps a person explore a new culture. To know about any country’s religion and the history of that place, street food is a good source and India is best among all countries regarding street food. Indian Street food is not just food it’s an emotion for many people. Standing beside the road enjoying food with friends, family and loved once I think it’s a great experience to have. Street food in some places are also addressed as fast food.

Indian street food is known by some to be the hidden gem of Indian food. Many of the famous cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, & Chennai have amazing street food dishes.

Everyone loves Indian street food not only because they are appetizer-sized portions, but there is not at all skimping on the flavor right down to the smallest morsel. Once you have had an Indian street food snack, you’ll go for seconds & thirds.

Everyone prefers street food rather than going to any luxurious hotels. Why spend more money when you can get the same thing more tasty food at a low price. India is the country in which we can enjoy the burgers pizzas like DOMINOS and MCDONALDS in many streets. Every state in India has its own story and taste of street foods.

Here are 5 enticing Indian street foods that you would enjoy thoroughly.

Indian Street Food 2

If you like that crepe life, this dish is for you. Dosa is crepes and made out of a fermented batter of rice & black lentils. Dosas can generally be made plain or stuffed with a lot of masala mashed potato mixture. These Dosas are an integral part of South Indian Food, so it is very common and easy to find food stalls in various regions of India that make dosas.

Chutneys that are served with dosas are coconut chutney & mint chutney. Milagai podi mixed with gingelly oil is also a famous dosa condiment of choice.

Pani Puri
Indian Street Food 3

Pani Puri is also known in certain parts of India as gol gappa, phuchka & gup chup, pani puri is the most famous and considered the national symbol of Indian street food.

The dish includes miniature puri shells that have been hollowed out & added with a mixture of seasoned mashed potatoes to which smashed chickpeas & bean sprouts are occasionally added.

These stuffed puri shells are later garnished with an optional assortment of toppings including tamarind & mint chutney, finely chopped green chilies & diced onions. The final touch is the pani (water), which is typically flavored with tamarind paste & chaat masala.

When creating this dish at home, you’d notice that almost a pitcher full of this pani tends to get leftover, so the best and easy way to make the most of it is by converting the leftover pani into a cocktail.

Indian Street Food 4

Pakora is one of the most famous and easiest Indian street foods to cook at home. Pakoras are fritters which include dipping vegetable & meat pieces in a chickpea flour-based batter & then deep frying them into golden brown. Pakoras are served with sauces, usually tamarind chutney & mint chutney and/or Maggi ketchup.

Chicken & fish are the most common meats that are used to cook pakoras. The most common vegetables for dipping include cauliflower, eggplant, onions & large green chili peppers.

Pav Bhaji
Indian Street Food 5

Created from the Indian state of Maharashtra, the street food ‘pav bhaji’ is a blend of crushed vegetables in a tomato-based gravy cooked on a Tava & served with a buttered bread roll.

Pav bhaji is a fairly known Indian vegetarian version of a Sloppy Joe. A non-vegetarian version of pav bhaji is made with keema & generally referred to as kheema pav.

Vada Pav
Indian Street Food 6

Vada Pav is one of the lesser spicy Indian street foods out of this list & it is a piece of carb-laden, deep fried, vegetarian-friendly heaven. The dish includes a potato patty rolled in garbanzo bean flour, and then deep-fried & sandwiched in between the two bread buns which are then served with one or two chutneys and sauces.

Nothing can be more diverse than India and its food. One should try Indian street food to give his/her tongue a flavorful taste!!!

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