Delhi Food – 5 Eccentric and Colorful Dishes

Delhi Food

Delhi, the capital of India is a land of buffet of some of the most delicious and spicy Indian food. Whether it be the old Delhi streets where vendors mix traditional and special flavors; the age old & overcrowded bazaars where the aroma of Delhi food can pull you towards them from miles away or the beautiful and sophisticated restaurants in Delhi that serve authentic Indian food, there is no dearth of places to go for a food lover in Delhi. 

The food culture of Delhi is a mixture of different traditions and cultures from the past. One thing you will see among all Delhiites is their love for their food. As a result of the influx of people from different parts of the country, the city became known to all kinds of people. Delhi does not have a particular type of food culture. It has a mixture of Mughlai cuisines, North Indian food, Mouth watering street food and Punjabi food. Mughal cuisine is mostly loved by the local people and tourists. Mughal dishes are not always available throughout the country because the spices used in it are quite rare. Delhi is one of the places that makes the best Mughlai food recipes. 

Delhi food can be absolutely eccentric about the different flavor mixtures they adopted over the time. There is a specific flavor for every single season which ranges from spicy to tangy & from creamy to sweet. 

When we hear about Delhi food, the first thing which comes in our mind is the famous street food of Delhi. The street foods are not only tasty but also pocket friendly. Some of the most popular and mouth watering Delhi street foods are Chole Bhature(Combination of bhatura and masala), Golgappe(Panipuri or fuchka or gupchup), Kebabs(cooked meat dishes), Street Burger, Bhel puri(a savoury snack), Raj Kachori(made with sooji, maida, besan), Samosa chaat(Made with chickpea curry, samosa, spices and various chutneys) etc. 

The street food of Delhi is very popular not only among school and college going students and office going people but also to the people who visit Delhi from different regions in India and abroad. Delhi is a very diversely populated city with people of different economic backgrounds. Those who are from the rural areas and can’t afford the costly food which is served in the restaurants, the street food of Delhi is what they consume as a part of their daily diet. 

Some of the most traditional and popular cuisines in Delhi are as follows:

Delhi chaat
Delhi Food 1

If there is one thing that keeps Delhi always in the news in the culinary scene is its famous and tasty street food. Chandni Chowk, one of the oldest areas in Delhi is known for its variety of delicious street foods. Whether it’s raj kachori, gol gappas, sev puri or papri chaat, Delhi’s chaat scene is to the point.

Rabri Falooda and Kulfi
Delhi Food 2

A sweet dish which melts in your mouth and a wonder for every single food lover in the world, falooda is a mixture of vermicelli and rabri accompanied by a traditional ice cream known as Kulfi.

Delhi Food 3

As you quietly enter the streets and corner lanes in old Delhi you will be drawn to the fragrance of one of the delicacies in Delhi, Nihari. Nihari consists of a rich, flavorful and spicy thick broth of slow cooked meat. Nihari is accompanied by either buttery naans (Indian bread) or the special khameeri rotis.

Delhi Food 4

Another sensation available in Delhi, Shawarma is a special Lebanese meat dish which consists of succulent grilled pieces of meat along with other spicy veggies and herbs stuffed in an Indian bread.

Chole Bhature
Delhi Food 5

A heavy dish which is rich and fiery, this is one of the most popular Punjabi dishes and is a must try if you visit Delhi. It is a combination of chana made into a zesty and spicy masala curry along with bhatura which is a deep-fried bread made with maida which is flour used in India. Accompanied with a lassi, this is a complete meal.

Delhi, with its ever changing color in its food, not only surprises its native people with its bizarre and outlandish food choices but also millions of tourists who come to visit Delhi every single year.

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